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Additional Characters

  • Synergy (voiced by Marlene Aragon) – An extraordinarily sophisticated holographic computer designed to be the ultimate audio/visual entertainment synthesizer. Synergy was created by Emmett Benton, and is in many ways considered to be his life's work. Synergy can generate holographic images that are extremely lifelike and synched to accompanying sound-effects; rendering them flawlessly convincing, despite the fact that they aren't solid. As such, they often serve as Jem's secret weapon in times of distress. Synergy's images can be generated over vast distances, with Jem having utilized them even when in other countries/continents. Synergy's artificial intelligence, appearance, and voice are all based on the likeness of Emmett's late wife Jacqui. Synergy was intended to be a surrogate mentor, friend, and maternal figure to Jerrica and Kimber. She manifests herself physically as a hologram in the form of a light purple-skinned woman with dark purple hair and eyes, when she chooses to physically interact; and communicates with Jem remotely via a pair of star-shaped earrings.

Synergy bears a resemblance to Jeanne, the protagonist of the Japanese animated film "Kanashimi no Belladonna" (Belladonna of Sadness).

  • Ashley Larson (voiced by Cathianne Blore) – A rebellious young girl and the newest member of the Starlight Girls at the start of the series. She is introduced as a troublemaker, having trouble adjusting to her new life and is a bit greedy (stealing from a homemade bank from which the various Starlight Girl contribute their own money in order to help Jerrica pay for their upkeep). She eventually tries to leave the group in order to live with the Misfits, while becoming close friends with Stormer, Ashley quickly becomes disgusted with the Misfit's vendetta against Jem and returns to Starlight House, having seen the error of her ways. While she retains her feisty streak throughout the series, Ashley becomes one of the most trusted members of the household. She also dreams of being a fashion designer like Shana and a rock singer like Jem, even going as far as to start a fledgling band called Ashley and the Starlights with fellow Starlight Girls, Deidre, Becky and Lela.
  • Mrs. Bailey (voiced by Hazel Shermet) – The caretaker of Starlight House.
  • Ba Nee O'Carolan (voiced by Samantha Paris and singing voice recorded by Ari Gold): A young Vietnamese American girl who would be the focus of many episodes of the series, most notably her quest to locate her American soldier father named Martin O'Carolan, who went missing in action after he secured her then-pregnant mother, Kiyo Chin, a Vietnamese villager he met and fell in love with, safe passage to America. Kiyo Chin died under unknown circumstances (presumably complications from childbirth) before she reached America, leaving Ba Nee orphaned. Ba Nee is a major source of the plot for "Starbright", as she develops a rare disease that threatens to leave her blind, causing Jem and the Holograms to continue with the making of the movie in order to raise the funds to give Ba Nee the operation needed to save her eyesight. She becomes a major supporter of Jem's literacy campaign and ultimately convinces Roxy to learn how to read at the end of "Roxy Rumble". Ultimately, in the series finale, Ba Nee is reunited with Martin, who had been suffering from partial amnesia due to injuries he sustained in Vietnam helping Kiyo Chin escape from her village, with help from Stinger frontman Riot.
  • Emmett Benton (voiced by Wally Burr) – The late father of Jerrica and Kimber Benton. He was the co-founder of Starlight House and Starlight Music with his wife Jacqui, created Synergy, and provided the initial equipment for the Holograms which they discovered after his death.
  • Constance "Clash" Montgomery (voiced by Cathy Cavadini) – The Misfits' groupie and biggest fan and henchwoman, she gets her nickname due to the miniature cymbals she wears around her wrists to get attention. Clash is a master of disguise and usually does undercover work for the Misfits. She is also Video's cousin.
  • Deirdre (voiced by Patricia Alice Albrecht) – The second oldest of the Starlight Girls, Deirdre is an aspiring musician. While normally level headed, she ultimately runs away from the group home when Jerrica/Jem and her bandmates inadvertently begin to neglect the girls in order to concentrate upon the upcoming music awards ceremony in the two-part episode "The Music Awards". She ultimately returns when she, Krissie and Ba Nee (who had gone with Deirdre to keep her out of trouble) befriends a homeless boy named Danny, convincing him to seek help rather than live on the streets.
  • Danielle DuVoisin (voiced by Marlene Aragon) – A very wealthy countess and a friend of producer Howard Sands. The lively sophisticated French fashion designer who frequently takes young designers such as Shana Elmsford and Regine Cesaire under her wing.
  • Giselle "Danse" Dvorak (voiced by Desirée Goyette) – A gifted Yugoslav-American dancer and choreographer, who is a friend and constant collaborator with the Holograms. She also does charity work and volunteers at "Haven House", a home for troubled teens. She relates to the teens in that she was raised in a foster home shortly after her mother disappeared. In the episode, "Homeland, Heartland", Danse travels to Zagreb with the Holograms to search for her missing mother and meets her long-lost father, she also finds out that her mother's dance teacher, Victor Krosach, was obsessed with her and went to extreme measures to drive her parents apart.
  • Harvey Gabor (voiced by Wally Burr) – Pizzazz's rich father who spoils her to make up for the fact that he is usually more concerned with his business interests than with her.
  • Sean Harrison (voiced by Dan Gilvezan) – A British teen idol who is one of Kimber's many boyfriends. He seems to be the only one who truly has genuine affections toward Kimber, but he is a bit weak compared to Jeff Wright, her other boyfriend. Although he is an on-and-off boyfriend, Kimber seems to be most serious about him as far as her love life is concerned. It is hinted in the episode "The World Hunger Shindig" that Sean had a wild past with Pizzazz of the Misfits.
  • Joanie (voiced by Marlene Aragon) – Starlight Music's business manager and longtime friend of the Benton Family.
  • Anthony Julian (voiced by T. K. Carter) – One of the industry's most talented directors he and Shana quickly develop a romantic relationship and remain the most stable romance in the series. Anthony supports Shana in her pursuit becoming a fashion designer. When he is put in charge of a mini-series and the original designer is fired by star/producer Liz Stratton, Anthony brings Shana in to meet Stratton, earning her a position. Shana quits the project due to Stratton's inflated ego and rejoins the Holograms. Anthony remains at Shana's side throughout the series.
  • Krissie (voiced by Cindy McGee) – A young African American girl who often serves as the voice of reason within the Starlight Girls. Krissie is close friends with Ba Nee and is protective of her.
  • Lindsey Pierce/Lin-Z (voiced by Susan Blu) – The popular host of Lin-Z TV, a music video/news/talk show which regularly features the Holograms and Misfits videos and interviews. While Lindsey is usually impartial to the rivalry between the two groups while on the air, she is a good friend and ally to Jem.
  • Craig Phillips (voiced by Michael Horton) – Stormer's older brother, who resides overseas in Europe. He is a professional drummer who meets Aja while she is searching for a new drummer to replace Shana in the two part episode "The Talent Search". Eric and the Misfits learned of this when Stormer introduced him to them, they immediately tried to influence Craig into using his budding relationship with Aja to find out Jem's secret identity, only to be later threatened by Craig into paying restitution to the Alonso Family and not to kick Stormer out. Craig made another appearance in the episode "Britrock" when Jem and the Holograms were appearing at a benefit concert in London. At this time Aja learned that Stormer was Craig's sister.
  • Howard Sands (voiced by Neil Ross) – One of Hollywood's foremost producers, and a close friend of Jem. Sands sweetens the rivalry between Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits by offering a movie contract and a mansion to the winner of the contest.. Even-tempered and firm on fair-play he does his best not to favor either band. However, when the Starlight House burns down and Jerrica appeals to him for a place to house her foster girls, he bends the rules enough to allow the Starlight Girls to stay in the mansion that is part of the prize. Throughout the series he involves himself in many projects with Jem and the Holograms.
  • Techrat (voiced by Charlie Adler) – An anti-social technical genius, he is Eric Raymond's secret weapon. Techrat invents various gadgets that could be used against Jem and the Holograms. He's noted for not wanting to be physically touched by anyone.
  • Terri (voiced by Patricia Alice Albrecht) – One of the Starlight Girls, identified by her signature hat and blonde pigtails. She was heavily featured in "Trick or Techrat", which revealed that she was very superstitious and hated Halloween, due to the fact that she was easily scared. She ultimately overcomes her fear by the end of the episode, when she is forced to engage in battle with Eric Raymond and Techrat, rescuing a prisoner from the basement of an abandoned opera house, and exposing their latest scheme to hurt Jem and the Holograms.
  • Vivian "Video" Montgomery (voiced by Noelle North) – A talented young filmmaker who makes and produces The Holograms' music videos. She is Clash's cousin.
  • Jeff Wright (voiced by Michael Horton) – A stuntman, another of Kimber's boyfriends and one of the most prominent in the series besides Sean. He is hot-headed, very athletic and carefree, and he proposes marriage to Kimber in the "Hollywood Jem" episodes, but the wedding is called off during the ceremony. He first appears in the "Starbright" episodes. Kimber rejects his advances at first, but learns to like him after he saves her life from explosions on the set of the movie that Jem and the Holograms starred in.
  • Zipper (voiced by Charlie Adler) – A henchman of Eric Raymond who performs his dirty work during the first season of the show. He is responsible for burning the original Starlight House although Eric only wanted him to make Jerrica nervous. He appeared in the first five episodes with blonde hair but in later episodes, he has black hair.

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