List of Japan-related Topics - History of Japan - History of Japan By Period

History of Japan By Period

  • Paleolithic
  • Jōmon period
  • Yayoi period
  • Kofun period
  • Asuka period
  • Nara period
  • Heian period
  • Kamakura period
    • Mongol invasions of Japan
    • Kenmu Restoration
  • Muromachi period
    • Nanboku-chō period
    • Sengoku period
  • Azuchi–Momoyama period
    • Nanban trade
  • Edo period
    • Bakumatsu
  • Meiji period
    • Meiji Restoration
      • Empire of Japan
  • Taishō period
    • Japanese expansion (1941–42)
    • Japan during World War I
  • Shōwa period
    • Japanese militarism
    • Occupation of Japan
    • Post-occupation Japan
  • Heisei period

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