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  • English voice actor: Noah Nelson
"I hate fish" —Tohru's catchphrase for when he comes into contact with fish.

A very large Japanese man, Tohru was once an enforcer for the Dark Hand and a personal servant for Valmont, its leader. From the episode centered around the Pig and Dog talismans, Tohru started to have second thoughts about working for the Dark Hand. Several things point to this, from Jackie trying to tell Tohru to come and work for Section 13 because "they serve donuts every Thursday" (which he stated back in episode 13) to all the insults and blames he bore through his working for the Dark Hand, always angering him. However, when the Dark Hand managed to revive Shendu, the demon sorcerer double-crossed them. Forced to fight Shendu alone, Tohru was quickly defeated, after which he changed his allegiances, and turned himself in to Section 13's authorities. After an ordeal that allowed Tohru some degree of freedom, he became Uncle's apprentice and developed a close big brother relationship with Jade, whom he becomes very protective of. Tohru shows great loyalty to whoever he stands by, even back to the time when he was an enforcer for the Dark Hand.

Though Tohru's size and body mass would suggest he is among the biggest people in the world, he is considered too small to be a sumo wrestler in the reality of the series (as seen in the third season's episode "Re-Enter the J Team"). In the fourth season, he is found to be a descendant of a samurai. After he and Uncle banished Shendu and Drago, Uncle decides that Tohru is now a full chi wizard. He likes grape soda and hates fish (a cultural irony, given that one of Japan's prime diets is fish), and seems to have a fondness for cats, having used the monkey talisman several times to transform enemies into kittens. He becomes a vital character in the fourth season when they have to battle evil oni, which only he has knowledge of due to childhood tales told by his mother. While he knows how to fight and repel them, he has a deep-set fear of them which proves a somewhat crippling hindrance over the course of the fourth season. Also, just as Uncle had around other dark magical beings, Tohru gets "the willies" when he's around Oni.

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