List of Iron Maiden Concert Tours - 1990s Tours

1990s Tours

Year(s) Title Legs (locations) and dates Number of
Supported release
1990–91 No Prayer on the Road 19 September – 22 December 1990
13 January – 19 March 1991
28 March – 5 April 1991
29 June – 21 September 1991
No Prayer for the Dying

For their first concert tour with Janick Gers on guitar, and following the more elaborate production of their 1980s shows, the band decided to return to using a less extensive stage set, featuring fewer props and other effects. Apart from two B-sides on their 1992 single, "From Here to Eternity", no live recordings from this tour were released.

1992 Fear of the Dark Tour 3 – 5 June 1992
8 June – 4 August 1992
15 August – 19 September 1992
26 September – 10 October 1992
20 – 23 October 1992
26 October – 4 November 1992
Fear of the Dark

In support of 1992's Fear of the Dark, the band made a return headline appearance at the Monsters of Rock festival at Donington Park, featuring a guest appearance by Adrian Smith during the encores, which was later released in 1993 in audio and video formats. In addition, A Real Live One and some of A Real Dead One (both released in 1993) were recorded at various venues across Europe. Having last performed there at the Rock in Rio festival in 1984, Iron Maiden returned to South America, although the Chilean show was cancelled following complaints from the Catholic Church, who accused the band of being Satanists.

1993 Real Live Tour 25 March – 28 August 1993
A Real Live One

This would be the band's last tour with Bruce Dickinson on vocals before he returned to the band in 1999, with his farewell show, featuring horror magician Simon Drake, taking place at Pinewood Studios and released on video as Raising Hell (1994). Named after the live album, A Real Live One, most of its follow-up, A Real Dead One, was recorded at various venues.

1995–96 The X Factour 28 September – 12 October 1995
14 October 1995 – 2 February 1996
8 February – 5 April 1996
11 – 18 April 1996
22 June – 17 August 1996
24 August – 7 September 1996
The X Factor

For their first shows with Blaze Bayley on vocals, the band decided to start the tour with their first ever performances in Africa and the Middle East. As Iron Maiden's popularity had diminished, they moved into smaller venues in Europe and North America. This was not the case in South America where they headlined the Monsters Of Rock festival at Estádio do Pacaembu in São Paulo, Brazil before an audience of approximately 55,000. Due to the tour's heavy schedule, Bayley suffered from vocal issues which meant that several shows in the U.S. had to be cancelled.

1998 Virtual XI World Tour 22 April – 30 May 1998
26 June – 9 August 1998
4 September – 26 October 1998
18 – 22 November 1998
2 – 12 December 1998
Virtual XI

For their world tour in support of 1998's Virtual XI, the band decided to make their first visits to Turkey and Malta, as well as return to a more elaborate production reminiscent of their 1980s stage shows. As with their previous tour, several dates had to be cancelled as Blaze Bayley suffered from vocal issues, which ultimately brought about his departure from the group.

1999 The Ed Hunter Tour 11 July – 8 August 1999
9 September – 1 October 1999
Ed Hunter

Following the return of Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith in January, Iron Maiden decided to take a short tour in 1999 with their new six-piece line-up before they recorded their next studio album, 2000's Brave New World. Tying in with the band's new video game and greatest hits collection, Ed Hunter (1999), this was the only time that the band's set-list was compiled from the results of an internet poll. Unfortunately, due to his father's funeral, Smith was absent from three concerts.

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