List of Irish Politicians (L–M) - Office Holders, L–M

Office Holders, L–M

Name Born Died Party Office Term Notes
Patrick Lalor 1926 Fianna Fáil TD 1961–81 Minister for Posts and Telegraphs (1969–70)
MEP 1979–84 MEP for Leinster
Liam Lawlor 1945 2005 Fianna Fáil TD 1977–2002 TD for Dublin West, Spent a term in jail for corruption
Eileen Lemass 1932 Fianna Fáil TD 1977–82 1982–87 TD for Dublin West
Noel Lemass, Jnr 1929 1976 Fianna Fáil TD 1956–76 TD for Dublin South West
Seán Lemass 1899 1971 Fianna Fáil TD 1924–69 Taoiseach (1959–66)
Brian Lenihan, Snr 1930 1995 Fianna Fáil TD 1961–73 1977–95 Minister, Tánaiste
Brian Lenihan, Jnr 1959 Fianna Fáil TD 1996– TD for Dublin West, Minister for Finance (2008–)
Conor Lenihan 1963 Fianna Fáil TD 1997– TD for Dublin South West
Patrick Lenihan 1902 1970 Fianna Fáil TD 1965–70 TD for Longford–Westmeath
Tom Leonard 1924 2004 Fianna Fáil TD 1977–81 1983–87 TD for Dublin Central
Patrick Little 1884 1963 Fianna Fáil TD 1927–54 TD for Waterford
Michael Lowry 1956 Fine Gael TD 1987–97 Minister for Communications (1994–96)
Independent TD 1997– TD for Tipperary North
Jack Lynch 1917 1999 Fianna Fáil TD 1948–81 Taoiseach (1966–73, 1977–79)
Seamus Mallon 1936 SDLP MP 1986–2005 Former deputy leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party
Tom Maguire 1892 1993 Sinn Féin TD 1921–27 TD for Mayo
Bernie Malone 1948 Labour Party MEP 1994–99 MEP for Dublin
Constance Markievicz 1868 1927 Sinn Féin TD 1918–27 First woman elected to British House of Commons, first Irish female cabinet minister
Micheál Martin 1960 Fianna Fáil TD 1989– TD for Cork South Central, Minister for Foreign Affairs (2008–11), Leader of Fianna Fáil (2011–)
Mary McAleese 1951 Fianna Fáil President 1997– 8th President of Ireland
Seán MacBride 1904 1988 Clann na Poblachta TD 1947–57 IRA chief, Minister (1948–51), Lawyer and founder member of Amnesty International
Brendan McGahon 1936 Fine Gael TD 1982–2002 TD for Louth,
Joe McCartin 1939 Fine Gael MEP 1979–2004 MEP for Connacht–Ulster
Pádraic McCormack 1942 Fine Gael TD 1989– TD for Galway West
Charlie McCreevy 1949 Fianna Fáil TD 1977–2004 TD for Kildare North, Minister for Finance (1997–2004)
Tomás Mac Curtain 1884 1920 Sinn Féin Councillor 1920 Lord Mayor of Cork
Jim McDaid 1949 Fianna Fáil TD 1989– TD for Donegal North East, Minister for Tourism and Sport (1997–2002)
Mary Lou McDonald 1969 Sinn Féin MEP 2004–09 MEP for Dublin
Michael McDowell 1951 Progressive Democrats TD 1987–89 1992–97 2002–07 Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform (2002–07), Party Leader (2006–07)
Seán MacEntee 1889 1984 Fianna Fáil TD 1918–22 1927–69 Tánaiste (1959–65)
Shane McEntee 1957 Fine Gael TD 2005– TD for Meath
Tom McEllistrim, Snr 1894 1973 Fianna Fáil TD 1923–69 TD for Kerry North
Tom McEllistrim, Jnr 1926 2000 Fianna Fáil TD 1969–87 1989–92 TD for Kerry North
Tom McEllistrim 1968 Fianna Fáil TD 2002– TD for Kerry North
Patrick McGilligan 1889 1979 Cumann na nGaedheal TD 1923–65 Minister for Industry and Commerce (1924–32)
Dinny McGinley 1945 Fine Gael TD 1982– TD for Donegal South West
Tomás Mac Giolla 1924 2010 Workers' Party TD 1982–92 Leader of Workers' Party (1977–88)
Finian McGrath 1953 Independent TD 2002– TD for Dublin North Central
Paul McGrath 1948 Fine Gael TD 1989–2007 TD for Westmeath
John J. McGuinness 1955 Fianna Fáil TD 1997– TD for Carlow–Kilkenny
Mairead McGuinness 1959 Fine Gael MEP 2004– MEP for East
Martin McGuinness 1950 Sinn Féin MP 1997– Chief Negotiator on Belfast Agreement, Deputy First Minister (2007–)
Patricia McKenna 1957 Green Party MEP 1994–2004 MEP for Dublin
Eoin MacNeill 1867 1945 Cumann na nGaedheal TD 1918–27 Minister for Education (1923–25)
Ray MacSharry 1938 Fianna Fáil TD 1969–89 Tánaiste (1981–82), Minister for Finance (1987–88)
Terence MacSwiney 1879 1920 Sinn Féin TD 1918–20 TD for Cork Mid
Councillor 1920 Lord Mayor of Cork
Gay Mitchell 1951 Fine Gael TD 1981–2007 TD for Dublin South Central
MEP 2004– MEP for Dublin
Jim Mitchell 1946 2002 Fine Gael TD 1977–2002 Minister for Posts and Telegraphs (1982–87)
Olivia Mitchell 1947 Fine Gael TD 1997– TD for Dublin South
Bobby Molloy 1936 Fianna Fáil TD 1965–86 Minister for Defence (1977–79)
Progressive Democrats TD 1986–2002
John Moloney 1953 Fianna Fáil TD 1997– TD for Laois–Offaly
Seán Moore 1913 1986 Fianna Fáil TD 1965–82 TD for Dublin South East
Arthur Morgan 1954 Sinn Féin TD 2002– TD for Louth
Seán Moylan 1888 1957 Fianna Fáil TD 1932–57 TD for Cork North
Breeda Moynihan-Cronin 1953 Labour Party TD 1992–2007 TD for Kerry South
Donal Moynihan 1941 Fianna Fáil TD 1992– TD for Cork North West
Michael Moynihan 1917 2001 Labour Party TD 1981–87 1989–92 TD for Kerry South
Michael Moynihan 1968 Fianna Fáil TD 1997– TD for Cork North West
Michael Mulcahy 1945 Fianna Fáil TD 2002– TD for Dublin South Central
Richard Mulcahy 1886 1971 Fine Gael TD 1918–37 1938–43 1944–61 Fine Gael leader (1944–59)
Eugene Mullen unk. unk. Fianna Fáil TD 1927 TD for Mayo South
Michael Mullen 1919 1982 Labour Party TD 1961–69 TD for Dublin North West
Senator 1973–77
Thomas Mullen 1966 Fianna Fáil TD 1938–43 TD for Dublin County
Thomas Mullins 1904 1978 Fianna Fáil TD 1927–32 TD for Cork West
Senator 1957–73
Patrick Mulvany 1861 1951 Farmers' TD 1923–27 TD for Meath
John Mulvihill 1945 Labour Party TD 1992–97 TD for Cork East
John Munnelly 1941 Fianna Fáil TD 1937–41 TD for Mayo North
Catherine Murphy 1953 Independent TD 2005–07 TD for Kildare North
Ciarán Murphy 1940 Fianna Fáil TD 1973–82 TD for Wicklow
Gerard Murphy 1951 Fine Gael TD 2002–07 TD for Cork North West
James Murphy 1887 1961 Cumann na nGaedheal TD 1921–37 TD for Louth
Jack Murphy 1920 1984 Independent TD 1957–58 TD for Dublin South Central
Joseph Murphy Independent TD 1927–32 TD for Dublin County
Michael Murphy 1919 2000 Labour Party TD 1951–81 TD for Cork West, then Cork South West
Patrick Murphy 1889 1968 Fianna Fáil TD 1932–37 TD for Cork East
Timothy J. Murphy 1949 Labour Party TD 1923–49 TD for Cork West
William Murphy 1892 1967 Fine Gael TD 1951–57 TD for Clare
William J. Murphy 1928 Labour Party TD 1949–51 TD for Cork West
James Myles 1877 1956 Independent TD 1923–43 TD for Donegal, then Donegal East

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