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Roran, known by the surnames Garrowsson and Stronghammer, is Garrow's son and Eragon's cousin, and also Murtagh's cousin (Nasuada remarks that most of her time she is busy with things concerning their family whether it's Roran, Eragon or Murtagh). Roran grew up in Carvahall with Eragon. He is married to Katrina by the end of Brisingr. Early in Eragon, he leaves Carvahall to work as a miller's assistant in the neighboring town of Therinsford.

Roran plays a more prominent part in Eldest, when the Ra'zac return to Carvahall, intending to take Roran captive and destroy the village. He and his allies are able to kill half of the Ra'zac's human soldiers and build modest fortifications around the village before the Ra'zac capture Katrina through her father (Sloan)'s betrayal of them. Roran then leads the people of Carvahall to Surda. Roran and Eragon meet once more after the Battle of the Burning Plains.

In Brisingr, Roran, Eragon, and Saphira rescue Katrina. Shortly after, Katrina finds that she is pregnant by Roran, and they are married. Roran later joins a company of the Varden's soldiers. At first, he is refused command because he is untested when fighting beside strangers. Roran ends up defying his commander's plan, saving most of his unit and killing 193 men by himself. For his defiance, he is whipped fifty times for insubordination, although it is recognized that he made the correct decision. He develops a friendship with the magician who rides with his company in all three of Roran's missions, a man by the name of Carn. Though said to be weak as a spell caster, Carn is capable of devising very clever spells.

Later, Nasuada gives Roran his own command of 20 men and 20 Urgals, whose respect he earns by defeating an Urgal, named Yarbog, in unarmed combat. She also reveals that, perhaps as a consequence of Roran's most recent mission, the commander of said mission, a man by the name of Edric, has been stripped of his rank as a captain. Also, near the end of the book he was charging into the battle with Yarbog and later Eragon tells him that Brom is his father, not Morzan, as he originally thought.

In Inheritance, Roran fights with the Varden until they defeat the Empire. Afterwards, Nasuada gives Roran the title of earl and gives him Palancar Valley. Katrina gives birth to a girl, who they name "Ismira" after Katrina's mother.

Roran was played by Chris Egan in the film Eragon.

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