List of Ingredients in Burmese Cuisine - List


The following is the list of ingredients in Burmese cuisine. Burmese names are given in parentheses.

  • Archidendron pauciflorum (Danyinthee)
  • Asiatic pennywort (myin hkwa ywet)
  • asparagus (ka nyut)
  • bamboo shoot (hmyit )
  • banana stem (nga pyaw u )
  • bean sprouts (pè bin bauk)
  • beef (a mè tha)
  • bitter gourd (kyet hin ga thee)
  • black-eyed pea (pè loon)
  • bombay duck (a byè jauk)
  • butter bean (htaw bat pè)
  • cabbage (gor bi dohk)
  • carrot (hka jet u)
  • catfish (nga hku )
  • cauliflower (paan gor bi)
  • cha-om, Acacia pennata leaves (soo bohk ywet)
  • chayote (gorakha thee)
  • chicken (jet tha)
  • chick pea (kala bè )
  • chickpea flour (pè hmohnt)
  • chilli (nga youk thee ), dried as well as green
  • Chinese cabbage (monnyin byu)
  • Chinese chives (ju hpu), roots (ju myit)
  • coconut (ohn thee )
  • coriander leaves/cilantro (nan nan bin )
  • cucumber (tha hkwa thee)
  • Daggertooth pike conger (nga shwe)
  • drumstick, Moringa oleifera (dunt dalun thee)
  • duck (bè tha)
  • eel (nga shik)
  • egg (kyet u), duck egg (bè u), quail egg (ngohn u)
  • eggplant (hka yan thee )
  • fermented bean paste (poun yeiji)
  • fermented bean sprouts (pè di jin)
  • fermented sesame cake (hnan bat chin)
  • fish (nga)
  • fish sauce (ngan bya yay )
  • fish paste ( nga pi sayn za)
  • garlic (jet thun phyu )
  • ginger (jin )
  • glutinous rice (kao hnyin), purple variety (nga chayk)
  • goat mutton (hsayk tha)
  • gourd (bu thee) and the young vine (bu nyunt)
  • green bean (pè thee)
  • haricot bean (pè gyi
  • hilsa {nga tha lauk)
  • kaffir lime (shauk thee), leaves (shauk ywet)
  • kohlrabi (no ko u)
  • lemongrass (za ba lin )
  • lentils (pè ni lay or pè yaza)
  • lettuce (sa lat ywet)
  • lime (than baya thee )
  • luffa (Daboot Thi)
  • mahseer (nga jin)
  • masala
  • mango (tha yet thee ), green as well as ripe
  • mint (pusi nan)
  • mooli or daikon (mohn la u), pickled (mohn la jin)
  • mudfish (nga yah)
  • mushrooms (hmo
  • mustard greens (monnyin zayn), pickled (Mon nyin jin)
  • neem leaves, margosa (ta ma ywet)
  • Ngapi (fermented fish paste)
  • Notopteridae fish (nga phe)
  • okra, lady's finger (yohn ba di thee)
  • onion (jet thun ni )
  • peanut (myay bè )
  • peanut oil (pè zi
  • pepper (nga yohk kaung )
  • plumeria alba (Tayoke sagar bin)
  • potato (ah loo )
  • pork (wet tha )
  • prawns and shrimp (ba zun)
  • pumpkin (shway hpa yon thee)
  • dried fermented bean cake (pè bouk)
  • dried fish (nga chauk )
  • dried shrimp (ba zun jauk )
  • rice flour (hsan hmohnt )
  • ridged gourd (hka wè thee)
  • Rohu (Nga gyin)
  • roselle leaves (chin baung ywet )
  • salted fish (nga hsa ne or nga pi gaung)
  • sambar (hsat tha)
  • santol (Tit to Thi)
  • sea bass (ka kadit)
  • sesame seeds (hnan )
  • sesame oil (hnan zi )
  • sesbania grandiflora (pauk pan pyu)
  • shrimp paste, belacan (hmyin nga pi)
  • snake gourd (pè lin mwe)
  • sour fermented bamboo shoot (hmyit chin)
  • sour fermented fish, pressed (nga chin)
  • sour fermented green mango, pressed (tha yet chin)
  • sour fermented shrimp, pressed (ba zun jin)
  • spring onions (kyet thun meik )
  • sweet basil (pin zayn)
  • tamarind (majee thee ),green as well as ripe
  • tamarind leaves (majee ywet)
  • taro corm (payn U)
  • taro shoot (payn swe)
  • tindora (kinn mon thee)
  • tomatoes (hka yan jin thee )
  • turmeric (sa nwin )
  • urad dal, black lentil (mat pè)
  • water spinach (ga zun ywet)
  • winged bean (pè saun yah)
  • winter melon (kyauk hpa yon thee)

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