List of Infantry Divisions of The Soviet Union 1917–1957 - Rifle Divisions List - 51 - 60 Divisions

60 Divisions

  • 51st Rifle Division— Fought with Blyukher during the Civil War. 1st formation at Odessa in the Odessa Military District before 1941. With Ninth Army, Kiev Special Military District on the outbreak of war. Wiped out at Vyazma Oct 1941. 2nd formation from Eighth Moscow People's Militia Division subsequent to Oct 1941. Fought in Caucasus, Belorussia, and Kurland. With 50th Army of the 3rd Belorussian Front May 1945.
  • 52nd Rifle Division — Formed June 1919 from Western Rifle Division. Active in МВО, ЗапОВО, and Leningrad Military District before the war. Other reports say the 52 Rifle Division was formed in 1935 in the Moscow Military District. Was in the invasion of Poland in 1939 and the Winter War with Finland. Renamed 10 Guards RD December 1941. Recreated Kolomna 1.42, fought in the Ukraine and Hungary. With 53rd Army of the 2nd Ukrainian Front 5.45.
  • 53rd Rifle Division — formed Saratov, Volga Military District, October 1939, fought at Yelnaya, on the Dnieper River, at Uman and Targul Frumos. With 46th Army of the 2nd Ukrainian Front 5.45.
  • 54th Mountain Rifle Division — formed in Leningrad Military District. With 7th Army (Soviet Union) on 22 June 1941. Fought near Leningrad. With 31st Army of the 1st Ukrainian Front 5.45.
  • 55th Rifle Division — Moscow Military District, Orel MD, Western Special MD. Established at Kursk 9.38, fought at Velikiye Luki and wiped out at Kiev 9.41. Recreated at Kuybyshev 12.41.
  • 56th Rifle Division — established Pleskau before 1930. Fought vicinity Leningrad and Riga. With 42nd Army of the Kurland Group (Leningrad Front) May 1945.
  • 57th Motor Rifle Division — УрВО, ЗабВО- 'Уральско-Хинганская Red Banner' active by 1924 as a territorial division in the Ural MD. Fought at Khalkhin Gol 1938. With 17th Army of the Transbaikal Front 5.45. Fought with 6th Guards Tank Army in Manchuria August 1945. 4th Mechanised Division by 1955, 149th Motor Rifle Division in 1957, with 39th Army for many years. Withdrawn from Mongolia to Borzya and reorganised as the 168th Motor Rifle Brigade by 1992.
  • 58th Mountain Rifle Division — Kiev Special Military District; established at Cherkassy 1932, fought in Uman Pocket, at Lenino, Korsun, and in Poland. With 3rd Guards Army of the 1st Ukrainian Front May 1945. See also Battle of Peregonovka (1919) and Kiev Offensive (1920). Goff, 1998, has a note saying the 431st Rifle Division, formed 11 December 1941 in the Volga MD, became the 58th Rifle Division ((First?) Formation), on 25 December 1941.
  • 59th Rifle Division — established at Iman before 1941. With the 1st Red Banner Army of the independent coastal group in the Far East 5.45. Fought in Manchurian campaign Aug 1945.
  • 60th Rifle Division — established at Ovruch before 1941. Disbanded Aug 1941. Recreated from 1st Moscow Militia Rifle Division in Aug 1941. Fought at Moscow, Kursk, and Warsaw. With 47th Army of the 1st Belorussian Front May 1945.

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