List of Ice Age Characters - Ice Age - Runar

Voiced by N/A
Species Neanderthal
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark brown

Runar was the chief of a human tribe shown in the first film.

Runar was a leader for a tribe of neanderthals (referred in the film as humans). He was the father of Roshan and husband of Nadia, and cared greatly for his family, all the while leading them and the rest of the tribe as a nomadic group to travel from place to place. In one encampment that his tribe set up, half a pack of saber-toothed tigers was killed and the furs taken as coats and clothing. In vengeance, the leader saber-tooth named Soto decided to plan an attack on Runar's tribe so as to take his son Roshan and kill him in vengeance for those saber-teeth slain in battle by Runar's tribe. The attack almost worked, but Runar's tribe had wolves that detected Soto's pack coming and the human tribe did battle with the saber-teeth, with Soto fighting directly with Runar. In the melee, the baby Roshan was taken by his mother from a saber-toothed tiger named Diego, and the hunters successfully warded off the saber-teeth only to find out that his son had disappeared and his wife was gone.

Runar had no choice left but to begin the travel to another camp far off, tracking the treacherous saber-teeth on the way and finding clues as to his son's whereabouts. In time, Runar made it near the settlement and was finally re-united with his son, but not before meeting face-to-face with Manfred and Sid, the two animals who returned the child. Runar was on his guard about Manfred at first, as Manfred appeared hostile, but quickly came to see that Manfred meant no ill will, simply to return the child.

Runar thanked Manfred by giving him the charm bracelet that had once been Roshan's, and with that Runar left the scene with his tribe and his son in tow.

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