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  • Larry LaLonde (b. 1968) is the lead guitarist from the band Primus. During the Sailing the Seas of Cheese era, he used a custom Ibanez guitar (as seen in the video for "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver"), which he has either lost or had stolen from him. He now uses Fender Guitars.
  • Herman Li (b. 1976) is the lead guitarist of power metal band Dragonforce. He has used stock Ibanez S, but currently uses his own signature line, Ibanez E-Gen.
  • Daron Malakian (b. 1975) is the lead guitarist for System of a Down. During the System of a Down era, Daron played IC200's and IC300's on stage. During the Toxicity era, Malakian played a variation of the Ibanez Iceman ICX, with custom artwork designed by his father, then a special edition "DMM1" was released by Ibanez. The DMM1 featured more artwork by Malakian's father, Vartan Malakian. After using Gibson guitars for 5 years, Daron has recently switched back to Ibanez and has begun using an Iceman again.
  • Meshuggah, a metal band from Sweden, are Ibanez endorsers, and they started it all for the 8-string models. They use custom 8-string models, RG and Iceman -shaped, all with 30" scale necks.
  • Pat Metheny (b. 1954) is an influential American jazz guitarist significant for his use of 12-string electric guitar and his use of digital signal processing. He plays an Ibanez PM120 signature series guitar.
  • Vinnie Moore was one of the first Ibanez endorsers in the shredding era. He had his own signature production model, the VMM Vinnie Moore Model, though it was halted about one year later.
  • Bob Mothersbaugh played a custom Ibanez "Spud" guitar with custom electronic effects on Devo's 1980 album Freedom of Choice and subsequent tour. The guitar was lost in the early 90s, but recovered, restored, and used on Devo's 2009 tour, and in music videos and TV appearances to promote their 2010 album Something for Everybody
  • Bob Mould played an Ibanez Rocket Roll Snr (based on the 1958 Gibson Flying V) almost exclusively throughout the career of Husker Du in the 80's.
  • James Murphy (b. 1967), a metal guitarist best known for his work with notable bands such as Death, Obituary and Testament, has used Ibanez guitars almost exclusively throughout his career.
  • Mike Mushok (b. 1970) is the lead guitarist of the hard rock group Staind that has sold more than 15 million albums as of 2007. Mushok played an Ibanez MMM signature model. Mushok recently switched to using a signature baritone model made by PRS.

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