List of Hellraiser Characters - P - Phillip Lemarchand

Phillip Lemarchand is a character in the film Hellraiser: Bloodline where he is portrayed by Bruce Ramsay. A toymaker in 18th century France, Phillip is commissioned by the wealthy aristocrat Duc de L'Isle to create an intricate puzzle box. Creating the box, the Lament Configuration, Phillip brings it to de L'Isle and afterward witnesses de L'Isle use the box to summon the demon Angelique. Realizing what he has unleashed, Phillip designs a counter to the Lament Configuration, which he attempts to steal back. As Phillip tries to steal back the Lament Configuration, discovering that de L'Isle has been betrayed by his servant Jacques, he is found by Jacques and Angelique, who mortally wound him. Dying, Phillip, upon being found by his wife, tells her to flee and save their unborn child. A portrait of Phillip appears in Hellraiser: Hellworld in Leviathan House, which the host of a party being held there claims was built by Lemarchand, though the authenticity of this story is questionable.

Before his appearance in Hellraiser: Bloodline, Phillip appeared in the Hellraiser comics by Epic, which depict him as a sociopath who was driven to create the Lament Configuration by the Cenobite known as the Baron. After the creation of his first puzzle box, Phillip traveled the world and created innumerable other puzzles before growing weary of life.

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