List of Heirs of Scotland - Heirs To James VI

Heirs To James VI

James VI was only one year old when he became King, and so the next heir at this time was once again

  • James Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Arran. In 1568 he took part in a rebellion to restore Queen Mary to the throne, but was imprisoned in 1569. His release was secured by his eventual recognition of James as King in 1573, and died on 22 January 1575, leaving his eldest son,
  • James Hamilton, 3rd Earl of Arran as successor to his titles and heir-presumptive to the Crown. The third Earl had been driven insane by his use as a pawn in his father's political machinations (his candidacy had been urged as a suitor for the hands of both the young Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth of England), and his younger brother John (later first Marquess of Hamilton) administered his estates. Kept in confinement, his earldom was removed from him in 1581 and assumed by the Chancellor of Scotland, James Stewart of Bothwellhaugh, but in 1585 his resignation was judged by the Court of Session to be the act of a madman and therefore invalid, and he was restored to the title.
  • Henry Frederick, the King's first child, was born on 19 February 1594 and was heir-apparent and Duke of Rothesay from birth. At his father's accession as King James I of England on 24 March 1603, he further became Duke of Cornwall in the Peerage of England, and was created Prince of Wales on 4 June 1610. Seen as having great promise as a future King, he died of typhoid on 6 November 1612, and was succeeded as heir-apparent by his brother
  • Charles, who had previously been created Duke of Albany and Duke of York. He became Duke of Rothesay and Duke of Cornwall on his brother's death, and was created Prince of Wales on 4 November 1616.

King James VI and I died on 27 March 1625 and was succeeded as King by his son Charles.

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