List of Hayate The Combat Butler Characters - Asakaze Household

Asakaze Household

Risa Asakaze (朝風 理沙, Asakaze Risa?)
Voiced by: Masumi Asano
Risa Asakaze is the head of the disciplinary committee for Hayate's class at Hakuō Academy. She is often seen hanging around her friends Miki and Izumi. She speaks in a rather boyish manner and likes to cause trouble for fun, which is ironic since she is the head of the disciplinary committee. Her family lives in a giant Shinto shrine. She calls herself as member "Black" of the Hakuou Three Amiga.
Risa's grandfather (理沙の祖父, Risa no sohu?)
A very old man whose age is unknown. He is a swordsman, and very forgetful person who quickly forgets what he has done a few seconds ago.

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