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Carol is a clone created by Dedekind from Pakila's brain cells for her brain to be transplanted into. She escapes Dedekind's mansion and is chased by Pakila in her cyborg form. Ido rescues her, taking her to Dina's, but is subsequently kicked out. Assuming that she is an amnesiac, he names her Carol, after the Christmas song. She stays with Ido after Gonzu takes them in. Despite her physical appearance, Carol's intellectual and emotional states reflect those of a very young child, and she cannot even articulate herself when Ido finds her. Six months later however, she puts Gonzu in checkmate in a chess game he is playing by himself, and a year after Ido finds her, is fully articulate in her speech. Pakila in her cyborg form finds her at Gonzu's residence and takes her back to Dedekind's mansion, where their brains are swapped. When he sees her in the cyborg body formerly occupied by Pakila, Ido attacks Carol, severely damaging her. However, Pakila's attitude towards the cyborg body and the realization that Carol's brain is that of the cyborg's make him hesitant to finish her off, realizing that the woman he fell in love with is now inside the cyborg. After an explosion caused by Ido's errant rocket hammer starts to destroy Dedekind's mansion, Carol in her cyborg body rescues Ido from falling debris, taking him out of the collapsing mansion and putting him on a boat to get back to the mainland. Fatally damaged, the cyborg body afterwards collapses in flames on the island. The experience changes Ido's attitude towards operating on cyborgs, giving him the compassion necessary to become a successful cyberphysician.

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