List of Greek Dishes - Meat Dishes

Meat Dishes

Name Image Description
Ameletita A delicacy served in Greece and Cyprus made from grilled lamb's testicles.
Baked lamb with potatoes (Αρνί στο φούρνο με πατάτες) One of the most common Greek dishes. There are many variations with additional ingredients.
Bekri Meze 'Drunkard's snack', diced beef marinated in wine, cloves, cinnamon, bay leaves, olive oil and cooked slowly.
Giouvetsi Baked lamb in clay pot with Kritharaki - orzo.
Païdakia Grilled lamb chops with lemon, oregano, salt and pepper.
Htapothi sti Skhara: Grilled octopus in vinegar, oil and oregano. Accompanied by Ouzo.
Gyros Meat roasted on a vertically turning spit and served with sauce (often tzatziki) and garnishes (tomato, onions) on pita bread; a popular fast food.
Kefalonian Kreatopita Meat pie using veal, lamb, goat or pork meat (or a combination thereof) with rice and a light tomato sauce wrapped in pastry kneaded with white wine. Popular dish on the island of Kefalonia.
Kleftiko Literally meaning of the klephts, this is lamb slow-baked on the bone, first marinated in garlic and lemon juice, originally cooked in a pit oven.
Kokoretsi Seasoned lamb innards
Kotopoulo pilafi ('Chicken Pilaf'), mostly popular on the island of Crete.
Keftedes Fried meatballs with oregano and mint.
Moussaka aubergine casserole. There are other variations besides eggplant, such as zucchini or rice, but the aubergine version melitzanes moussaka is most popular.
Pastitsio A baked pasta dish with a filling of ground meat and a Bechamel sauce top.
Lasagnaopolis 100 layers of pasta with tomato sauce and various vegetables and/or meat. A lasagna for the Gods.
Pork with celery avgolemono A stew of pork chunks and celery in an egg-lemon sauce.
Soutzoukakia Smyrneika Large meatballs with cumin, cinnamon and garlic and served in a tomato sauce.
Souvlaki (Lit: 'skewer') Anything grilled on a skewer (lamb, chicken, pork, swordfish, shrimp). Most common is lamb, pork or chicken, often marinated in oil, salt, pepper, oregano and lemon.
Spetsofai A dish with country sausages, peppers, onions and wine. Originates from Mt. Pelion.
Stifado Game (rabbit, venison etc.)stew with pearl onions, red wine and cinnamon.

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