List of Grammy Award Categories - Genre-specific Awards - Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music

Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music

  • Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance
  • Best Gospel Song
  • Best Contemporary Christian Music Song
  • Best Gospel Album
  • Best Contemporary Christian Music Album

Previously Awarded

  • Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album
  • Best Rock Gospel Album
  • Best Traditional Gospel Album
  • Best Contemporary Gospel Album
  • Best Contemporary R&B Gospel Album
  • Best Southern, Country or Bluegrass Gospel Album
  • Best Gospel Choir or Chorus Album
  • Best Gospel Performance, Traditional
  • Best Gospel Performance, Contemporary
  • Best Gospel Vocal Performance, Female
  • Best Gospel Vocal Performance, Male
  • Best Gospel Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group, Choir or Chorus
  • Best Soul Gospel Performance
  • Best Soul Gospel Performance, Traditional
  • Best Soul Gospel Performance, Contemporary
  • Best Soul Gospel Performance, Female
  • Best Soul Gospel Performance, Male
  • Best Soul Gospel Performance, Male or Female
  • Best Soul Gospel Performance by a Duo or Group, Choir or Chorus
  • Best Inspirational Performance

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