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Computer Versions

All home computer editions were published by Activision. Each home computer game edition of the game is essentially similar, with changes in the quality of graphics and sound. The DOS version is completely different from the other ones, having been developed by a different company, Dynamix with game design by Doug Barnett.

Most version of the game feature several arcade sequences based on the film: Van Horne: the player controls Ray Stantz as he is lowered into an air shaft of the disused Van Horne subway system to collect a sample of slime. He is armed with his proton pack and other weaponry with which to defend himself against the myriad of ghosts that attack: some will collide or grab him and cause damage, while others will attempt to cut his rope. The player must collect the three segments of the slime scoop, as well as ammo and health, during the descent. Journey to the Museum: the Statue of Liberty has been brought to life by "mood slime" and is marching toward the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the player controls a floating fireball (generated from the Statue's torch) which fires horizontal shots and must be used to protect the Statue from swarms of ghosts. Impacts from ghosts (or regeneration of the fireball) uses up precious slime, though it can be replenished from destroyed ghosts. Showdown in the Museum: the player controls the four Ghostbusters individually, armed variously with proton packs and slime dispensers, in an isometric 3D level. The four heroes must rappel into the Museum and fight Janosz, Vigo the Carpathian, and finally a possessed Ray, in order to save the world. Some versions also feature a sequence based on the courtroom fight against the ghosts of the Scoleri Brothers.

The DOS version of the game is entirely different. It begins with the Ghostbusters battling the Scoleri Brothers in the courtroom scene from the film. At the firehouse, players can choose to capture ghosts in variation locations from the film for money or gather samples from the river of slime and test it to develop the positively charged slime. If a Ghostbuster fails to capture a ghost or falls into the river of slime, he is captured and must be rescued from Parkview Hospital.

Once you have earned $55,000 from capturing ghosts, and collected and correctly tested 3 slime samples, you can then take control of the Statue of Liberty, where you have to navigate through the streets of New York until you reach the Museum; a map, that comes with the game, is required to find the correct route, plus you have to avoid crushing cars and beating the clock as you maneuver the statue.

Once you reach the museum, you break in from the roof. Inside, you'll find Vigo who is strutting about out of his painting. he wont attack, but you can zap him to weaken him for the upcomming battles. Once the clock reaches midnight, Vigo returns to his painting and attacks with rapid fireballs, where one hit will kill a ghostbuster. Janosz will also run about the room; shooting him, or the painting while he is in front of it will reflect your proton beam back at you and kill your Ghostbuster instantly. Once Vigo has been weakened enough, Janosz will collapse and Vigo will emerge from the painting as a giant head and fire rapid fire balls again. Your proton pack will turn into a slime blower, and you must hose him down until he is defeated; when he is close to death, he will be covered in pink slime. Upon defeat, Vigo will be defeated, and the painting will change to one of a smiling Slimer holding a baby in the clouds.

The victory scene shows all four Ghostbusters emerging from the Museum, waving and dancing for the cheering crowd awaiting outside.

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