List of Ghost Whisperer Characters - Spirits


Characters that appear as spirit guest stars:

Season Ep Name Death Cause Status Notes
Pre-deceased Mary Ann Natural Causes Crossed over Melinda's grandmother, seen in several episodes (flashback)
Romano Mass-suicide through cyanide-laced punch Lost spirit/Shadow Dead pre-Ghost Whisperer. American expatriate in Spain
Web episode Zach Crashes his bike and hits his head on a piece of debris Crossed over Crossed over in season 3 episode 16
Season 1 1 Paul Adams Died when his helicopter crashed into a waterfall Crossed over
2 Kenny Dale Train crashed into the car Shiny Was a little boy that didn't understand he was dead
3 Zoe Harper Drowned in a lake Crossed over
4 Conor Donovan Crashes his bike and hits his head on a rock Crossed over
5 Rat
Homer (Ghost Dog)
All burned to death in a fire Shiny
Did not cross over
Stays with Melinda and Jim as their pet ghost-dog. Seen in several episodes, last seen in Season 2.
6 Jason Shields Anaphylaxis due to a bee sting Crossed over
7 Hope Paulson Complications from an ectopic pregnancy Crossed over
8 Julian Borgia
Robert Hall (G-Man)
Alexis' Aunt Ruth
Vehicular homicide
Shot and killed by police
Natural causes
Crossed over
Lost Spirit
Crossed over
First case of a spirit communicating through Melinda's husband
Died 1963
Reappeared to let Melinda know an emerald necklace was buried with her
9 Lacy Jensen Electrocuted when she fell down a pit Crossed over
10 Serena Hilliard
Josh (Best man)
Car went off the road and crashed into tree Crossed over
Crossed over
11 Estella de La Costa Inoperable brain tumor Crossed over
12 Marty Golden
Numerous Ghosts
Suicide through jumping off a bridge
Numerous deaths
Crossed over
Stayed at the Comedy Cave
13 Lyle Chase Heart attack Crossed over He was searching for his granddaughters killer
14 Clete Youngblood Execution by hanging Crossed over
15 Sarah Applewhite Glioma (cancer of the brain's glia cells) Shiny Melinda's classmate and first ghost she saw
16 Dennis McMartin
Dr. Bob Norris
Dennis' and Charlie's Father
Fell off a mountain; died in the hospital
Heart attack
Crossed over
Crossed over
Crossed over
Andrea's friend
Died two years before; was haunting the hospital
17 Daniel Greene
Reggie Zuko
Car crash after car was hit and slammed into guard rail
Brain tumor
Crossed over
Lost spirit
Appeared in several episodes and seen at the end of Season 2
18 Edward Pierce
Ventriloquist and the Dummy
Drowned during Circus act in circus pool
Car accident after car went off road and crashed into tree
Crossed over
Lost spirit
19 Ely Fisher
Rachel Fisher
"Rain Check" Nurse
Bludgeoned to death with a lead pipe
Heart attack
Crossed over
Crossed over
Uncertain but most likely crossed over
20 Brian Fordyce Heart attack Crossed over
Ken Nilson (pilot)
Almost all people killed in airplane crash
At least three people in airplane crash
All died in plane crash due to pilot error Crossed over
Crossed over
Lost spirit
Season 2 1 Andrea Marino Plane landed on her car and crushed her to death Crossed over Killed in Season 1 Episode 21, co-owner of Melinda's antique shop
2 Jamie Barton
Kyle McCall (Mac)
Hit by a car
Crossed over
Crossed over
Was attached to Ned Banks
Melinda's former boyfriend
3 Emily Morrison Fell into pool and drowned while reaching for a beach ball Shiny
4 Dennis Hightower Carbon monoxide poisoning Crossed over
5 Adam Godfrey
Marilyn Mandeville
Struck by lightning
Heart attack
Crossed over
Crossed over
6 Eva Kaminsky Sevoflurane (anaesthetic) poisoning Crossed over
7 Anna Fowler Hypothermia Crossed over
8 Warren Chen
Woman the night Melinda met Jim
Ghost in funeral home
Burned to death in arson crime
Died in building fire
Crossed over
Crossed over
Did not cross over
9 Patrick Roth
Natural causes
Plane crash due to pilot error
Crossed over
Lost spirit
10 Matt Vonner Car crash due to car spinning and crashing into a

light pole

Crossed over
11 Dr. Martin Schaer Dengue fever from mosquito bite Crossed over
12 Hugh Bristow Taken off life support due to Lou Gehrig's disease Crossed over
13 Eric Sanborn Aortic aneurysm Crossed over Was a spirit that died 4 times after being reincarnated. Melinda believes him staying behind was a sign that he was to be her and Jim's future child they would have together.
14 Gordon Pike Car crash due to drag racer crashing into wall Crossed over
15 Tais Baker Pipe explosion in the high school boiler room Crossed over
16 Randy Cooper Suffocated due to an asthma attack Lost spirit
17 Bryan Curtis
Jason Bennett
Suicide by stepping out into traffic
Muscular dystrophy
Crossed over
Crossed over
18 Valerie Parker Abdominal aneurysm Crossed over
19 Charlie Banks
Jackson Reynolds
Shot and killed by Milt Charles
Slipped and hit head on rock.
Crossed over
Crossed over
Delia Banks' husband
Naked soldier (ranked private)
20 Martina Rose
Amy Fields
Heart attack
Airplane crash due to pilot error
Lost spirit
Crossed over

Amy Fields died in the Season 1 finale
21 Dana Clark Boat sinks due to hull being torn by rocks Crossed over Prophet ghost, wife of Ethan Clark
22 Dana Clark Boat sinks due to hull being torn by rocks Crossed over Killed in Season 1 Episode 21
Season 3 1 Ray Billings
Carbon monoxide explosion
Crossed over
Lost spirit
Originally haunting Melinda's mother
Haunts the archives; portrayed by Kris Lemche
2 Rachel Fordham Heart attack Crossed over Thought she was Bloody Mary.
3 Hector Sanchez
Steve Simmon
Killed in landmine explosion Crossed over
Crossed over
Crossed over
4 Colleen Finn
Shane Carson
Falling over stairway railing
Suicide by overdosing
Crossed over
Lost spirit
Shane stalked Melinda.
5 Tessa Lucas
Several Other Ghosts
Burned to death after being accused of witchcraft
All burned to death in a fire someone caused after eating diseased bread
Crossed over
Lost spirits
Melinda's great-great-great-grandmother that died in 1848. Lost spirits are in the old Grandview.
6 Kevin Graham Car crash due to car colliding with another car Crossed over
7 Sydney Drake Overwhelming withdrawal symptoms Crossed over
8 Liz Sinclair
Matt Sembrook
Vivian Sembrook
Falling off a cliff
Carbon monoxide poisoning
Carbon monoxide poisoning
Crossed over
Lost spirit
Lost spirit
9 Daniel Asher
Audrey Asher
Sam Asher
Burned to death in a car crash
Car crash due to car colliding with gasoline tanker
Car crash due to car colliding with a gasoline tanker
Crossed over
Crossed over
10 Alan Silver Heart attack Did not cross over Thought he was Santa, realized he wasn't, but decided he liked helping kids so he stuck around
11 Thomas Benjamin Hit his head on a chalkboard Crossed over
12 Peter Harrison Requested euthanasia via lethal dose of isonitrile Crossed over
13 Karen Benzing Cancer Crossed over
14 Justin Yates
Julie Anderson
brain aneurysm
Drowned on boat she capsized for an insurance scam.
Crossed over
Lost spirit
15 Toby Bates Fell out of a window Crossed over
16 Kate Payne
Crushed to death by a crane
Crashed his bike and hit his head on a piece of debris
Crossed over
Crossed over
Rick Payne's wife, seen in previous episodes
Web episode
17 Michael Wilkins Fell off a tree and was hung by the cape he was wearing Shiny
18 Paul Eastman
Tom Gordon
Bludgeoned to death with a stair post
Thrown down the stairs
Crossed over
Lost spirit
Melinda's father, killed pre-Ghost Whisperer
Melinda's stepfather
Season 4 1 Fiona Raine Burned to death in a fire Crossed over
2 Lucas Marston Accidental drug overdose Crossed over Melinda's classmate
3 Larry Jones Heart attack Crossed over
4 Lorelei
Several other ghosts
Fell to her death in a ship duct
Heart failure
Various deaths
Crossed over
Refused to cross over
Crossed over
5 Diana Morrison Blood clot in lung Crossed over
6 Owen Grace
Jim Clancy
Accidentally drowned due to leg brace
Air embolism due to being shot in the shoulder
Living in Sam Lucas' body
Melinda's husband
7 Sam Lucas
Caitlin Mahoney
Dan Clancy
Car crash due to car colliding with other car
Died from complications of Anorexia Nervosa
Fell off a roof and died
Crossed over
Crossed over
Crossed over
Jim Clancy's brother, seen in the pilot episode. Crossed over in this episode.
8 Allen Walters Car crash due to hitting a motorcycle Crossed over Was the driver of the car that hit Sam Lucas' motorcycle; he was angry that "Sam"/Jim came back to life.
9 Gretchen Dennis Fell down a well and drowned while reaching for a note she stuck on the inside-wall of the well Shiny
10 Tammy Gardner/ Sarah Evers Murder via being drugged and carbon monoxide poisoning Crossed over
11 Josh Bancroft Exsanguination after being thrown from a riding mower and cut up Shiny
12 Angela Hollensbach
Myrna Cooperton
Frank Whitaker
Hit by a car
Natural Causes
Truck gave way while fixing flat
Crossed over
Crossed over
Crossed over
Did not cross over
Delia's old friend from high school/First ghost that Eli crossed over without Melinda
13 Carl Sessick
Edwin Hathaway
Numerous Ghosts
Died of lung cancer
Various deaths
Did not cross over
Crossed over
All crossed over
Followed the Watchers, on the quest for good
Died in the hospital but dumped into the lake due to furnace problems at funeral home
Dumped into a lake due to furnace problems at funeral home
14 Deborah Marks Tripped and hit her head on a fireplace post Crossed over
16 Rebecca Kelly Caught in a rock slide, pushed off a cliff face and was hung by a net Crossed over
16 Jeffrey Crocket Natural causes Crossed over
17 Grier Clarkson
Numerous ghosts
Botched shock therapy treatments
Botched shock therapy treatments
Crossed over
Crossed over
18 Joseph Webb
Calvin Byrd
Natural Causes
Living in Ben Tillman's body
Crossed over
Became a "step-in", living in Ben Tillman's body
19 Rick Hartman Committed suicide by jumping out of a plane Crossed over
20 Miles Maitland Prop gun backfired and shot him in the side of his head. Crossed over
21 Stanton family Carbon monoxide poisoning Crossed over
22 Andrew Carlin Thrombocytosis Crossed over
23 Zoe Ramos Fell down the stairs Crossed over Eli's girlfriend; guardian of the Book of Changes
Season 5 1 Amber Heaton Aortic rupture during childbirth Crossed over
2 Gwen Coritter
Paula Coritter
Scarlet Breslin
Hit by an SUV
Inoperable brain tumor
Accused of slanderous gossip, eyes and mouth were stitched shut
Crossed over
Crossed over
Lost Spirit
Scarlet made Julia Miller created the "Sally Stitched" website.
3 Ray James
Evelyn James
Heart attack
Did not cross over
Did not cross over
Eli's parents. They stayed around to watch over Eli.
4 Dr. Albert Glassman
Ghost in the morgue
Heart attack
Crossed over
The ghost in the morgue probably cross under just like Greta Hansen
5 Amy Warner Breast cancer Crossed over
6 Sean Jackson Thrown off of a horse Crossed over
7 Tina Clark Drug overdose and car accident Crossed over
8 Kirk Jansen
Rita Jansen
Walked into a crawl space that had aflatoxis, a mold that made him go into anaphylaxis
Fatal electrocution from a light table she smashed with a golf club
Crossed over
Crossed over
9 Julia Miller Leukemia Shiny Originally attached herself to Aiden to keep from going into the light.
10 Dylan Hale Accidentally bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat Crossed Over
11 Bruce Adler Car accident when the car went into the river Crossed Over
12 Trevor Marshall Fell and was impaled to death by a metal pike Crossed Over
13 Vernon Dokes
Marlene Dokes
Lana Dokes
Suicide by exsanguination from wrist cutting due to FFI
Exsanguination by being slashed in the arm
Suicide by jumping off a bridge due to FFI
Crossed Over
Crossed Over
14 Madison Clark Car accident Shiny
15 Joey Kale
Joshua Bedford
Numerous Ghosts
Suffocated to death inside an old army storage unit
Died in a bomb explosion
Numerous Deaths
Did not cross over
Stayed on the old army base
16 Cassidy Peyton
Greta Hansen
Guillain-Barre syndrome
Wheelchair fell down the stairs
Execution by electric chair
Execution by hanging
Crossed Under
Crossed Over
Crossed Over
Cassidy crossed over but came back to talk to Aiden and revealed that ghost children became shinies
Greta made a deal with the shadows that as long as she feeds them children's ghosts they would not take her.
17 Shane Dunning Fell through an ice lake and drowned Crossed Over
18 Charles Hammond Asphyxiated to death on a balloon Crossed Over
19 Laura Bradley Poisoned to death with Chloramine gas Crossed Over
20 Henry Alston Murdered by Geoff Colson via gunshot wound Crossed Over
21 Seth Farber
Sharon Farber
Fell to his death off a roof
Died in the plane crash
Crossed Over

She crossed over when all of the spirits in the plane crash crossed over at the same time in the Season 01 episode 22 "The One"
22 Pete Murphy
Numerous Children
Hodgkins Disease

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