List of Geological Features On Io

List Of Geological Features On Io

This is a list of named geological features on Io, a moon of Jupiter. See also the list of mountains on Io and the list of paterae on Io.

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List Of Geological Features On Io - Tholi
... Ionian tholi (hills) are named after mythological figures associated with fire or with the nymph Io ... Tholus Named after Coordinates Apis Tholus Apis (Greek) 10°54′S 347°53′W / 10.9°S 347.88°W / -10.9 -347.88 (Apis Tholus) Inachus Tholus Inachus (Greek) 16°11′S 347°46′W / 16.18°S 347.76°W / -16.18 -347.76 (Inachus Tholus) Tsui Goab Tholus Tsui (Khoikhoi) 0°06′S 163°00′W / 0.1°S 163.0°W / -0.1 -163.0 (Tsui Goab Tholus) ...

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