List of Geological Features On Ganymede - Sulci


Name Latitude Longitude Diameter Year named Namesake
Akitu Sulcus 38.9N 194.3W 365.0 1997 Where Marduk's statue was carried each year.
Anshar Sulcus 18.0N 197.9W 1,372.0 1979 Assyro-Babylonian; celestial-world home of Lakhmu and Lakhamu.
Apsu Sulci 39.4S 234.7W 1,950.0 1979 Sumero-Akkadian; primordial ocean.
Aquarius Sulcus 52.4N 3.9W 1,420.0 1979 Greek; Zeus set Ganymede among the stars as the constellation of Aquarius, the water carrier.
Arbela Sulcus 21.1S 349.8W 1,940.0 1985 Assyrian town where Ishtar was worshipped.
Bubastis Sulci 72.3S 282.9W 2,651.0 1988 Town in Egypt where Bast was worshipped.
Byblus Sulcus 37.9N 199.9W 645.0 1997 Ancient Phoenician city where Adonis was worshipped.
Dardanus Sulcus 46.9S 17.5W 2,988.0 1979 Greek; where Ganymede was abducted by Zeus disguised as an eagle.
Dukug Sulcus 83.5N 3.8W 385.0 1985 Sumerian holy cosmic chamber of the gods.
Elam Sulci 58.2N 200.3W 1,855.0 1985 Ancient Babylonian seat of sun worship, in present-day Iran.
Erech Sulcus 7.3S 179.2W 953.0 1985 Akkadian town that was built by Marduk.
Harpagia Sulcus 11.7S 318.7W 1,792.0 1985 Greek; where Ganymede was abducted an eagle.
Hursag Sulcus 9.7S 233.1W 750.0 1985 Sumerian mountain where winds dwell.
Kishar Sulcus 6.4S 216.6W 1,187.0 1979 Assyro-Babylonian; terrestrial-world home of Lakhmu and Lakhamu.
Lagash Sulcus 10.9S 163.2W 1,575.0 1985 Early Babylonian town.
Larsa Sulcus 3.8N 248.7W 1,000.0 2000 Sumerian town.
Mashu Sulcus 29.8N 205.7W 2,960.0 1979 Assyro-Babylonian; mountain with twin peaks where sun rose and set.
Mysia Sulci 7.0S 7.9W 5,066.0 1979 Greek; where Ganymede was abducted by an eagle.
Nineveh Sulcus 23.5N 53.1W 1,700.0 1997 City where Ishtar was worshipped.
Nippur Sulcus 36.9N 185.0W 1,425.0 1985 Sumerian city.
Nun Sulci 49.5N 316.4W 1,500.0 1979 Egyptian; chaos; primordial ocean; held germ of all things.
Philae Sulcus 65.5N 169.0W 900.0 1997 Temple that was the chief sanctuary of Isis.
Philus Sulcus 44.1N 209.5W 465.0 1979 Greek; where Ganymede and Hebe were worshipped as rain-givers.
Phrygia Sulcus 12.4N 23.5W 3,700.0 1979 Greek; kingdom in Asia Minor where Ganymede was born.
Shuruppak Sulcus 19.3S 232.2W 2,800.0 2000 Assyro-Babylonian town on the banks of the Euphrates River where the gods planned the great flood.
Sicyon Sulcus 32.7N 18.5W 2,125.0 1979 Greek; where Ganymede and Hebe were worshipped as rain-givers.
Sippar Sulcus 15.4S 189.3W 1,508.0 1985 Ancient Babylonian town.
Tiamat Sulcus 3.4N 208.5W 1,330.0 1979 Assyro-Babylonian; tumultuous sea from which everything was generated.
Umma Sulcus 4.1N 250.0W 1,270.0 2000 Sumerian town.
Ur Sulcus 49.8N 177.5W 1,145.0 1985 Ancient Sumerian seat of moon worship.
Uruk Sulcus 0.8N 160.3W 2,200.0 1979 Babylonian city ruled by Gilgamesh.
Xibalba Sulcus 43.8N 71.1W 2,200.0 1997 Mayan "place of fright"; destination of those who escaped violent death.

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