List of French Open Men's Singles Champions in Badminton

Below is the list of the winners at the French Open in badminton in men's singles.

Year Champion Runner-up Score
1909 Frank Chesterton
1910 Frank Chesterton
1911 George Alan Thomas
1912 George Alan Thomas
1913 George Alan Thomas
1914 George Alan Thomas
No competition
1935 Ralph Nichols
1936 Ian Maconachie
1937 Ian Maconachie
1938 Ian Maconachie
1939 A.S. Samuel
1940 Henri Pellizza
1941 M. Marret
1942 Y. Baudoin
1943 Henri Pellizza
1944 Henri Pellizza
1945 O.H. Hilton
1946 Henri Pellizza
1947 A.J. Hone
1948 Palle Granlund
1949 David E. L. Choong
1950 David E. L.Choong
1951 Ong Poh Lim
1952 Eddy B. Choong
1953 Eddy B. Choong
1954 Alistair McIntyre
1955 S.D. McLean
1956 G.E. Rowlands
1957 Ferry Sonneville
1958 Peter Knack
1959 Lee Kin Tat
1960 Ferry Sonneville
1961 Erland Kops
1962 Charoen Wattanasin
1963 Lee Kin Tat
1964 Oon Chong Jin
1965 No competition
1966 Ang Tjin Siang
1967 Lee Kin Tat
1968 Sture Johnsson
1969 Elo Hansen
1970 No competition
1971 Torsten Winter
1972 No competition
1973 Tage Nielsen
1974 David Hunt
1975 David Hunt
1976 David Hunt
1977 David Hunt
1978 Gregor Berden
1979 Andy Goode
1980 Gert Helsholt
1981 Steve Baddeley
1982 Ahmed Zubair
1983 Vimal Kumar
1984 Vimal Kumar
1985 Kim Brodersen
1986 Kerrin Harrison
1987 Ib Frederiksen
1988 Icuk Sugiarto
1989 Xiong Guobao
1990 Foo Kok Keong
1991 Jaimie Dawson
1992 Wan Zhengwen
1993 Hendrawan Søren Nielsen 15-9, 13-18, 15-11
1995 George Rimcardi Tomas Johansson 10-15, 15-9, 15-4
1996 Kenneth Jonassen
1997 Chris Bruil
1998 Niels Christian Kaldau Joris Van Soerland 15-4, 15-6
1999 Chen Gang Pullela Gopichand 15-8, 10-15, 15-10
2000 Sidarth Jain
2001 Abynshyam Gupta
2002 Luo Yigang
2003 Marc Zwiebler
2004 Chen Jin
2005 Stanislav Pukhov Arif Rasidi 15-12, 15-3
2006 No competition
2007 Lee Chong Wei Bao Chunlai 21-11, 21-14
2008 Peter Gade Taufik Hidayat 16-21, 21-17, 21-7

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