List of Former United Kingdom Parliament Constituencies

List Of Former United Kingdom Parliament Constituencies

This is a list of former Parliamentary constituencies in the United Kingdom, organised by date of abolition. It includes UK Parliamentary constituencies that have been abolished, including those that were later revived, but does not include constituencies that were merely renamed.

The date of creation of a constituency, in some cases, goes back to English and Welsh seats in the Parliament of England and the Scottish constituencies in the Parliament of Great Britain.

In some cases, constituencies in the unreformed House of Commons first received a summons to send representatives to Parliament at a date considerably earlier than the date after which they consistently received a summons. These cases are indicated in a note.

No account is taken, in this article, of the temporary redistribution of constituencies used for the First and Second Protectorate Parliaments in the 1650s. See First Protectorate Parliament for a list of those constituencies.

See also: Number of Westminster MPs

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List Of Former United Kingdom Parliament Constituencies - Constituencies Abolished 1295
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