List of Forgotten Realms Nations - Durpar


Durpar is, together with Var the Golden and Estagund, a part of the Shining Lands. It is hardly in a good location, as it is surrounded by mountains and a sea for which it doesn't have guaranteed free access on North, East and South and by the even more dangerous Veldorn on the West. Like Var the Golden, Durpar follow the teachings of Satama, Toril's Siddharta Gautama (Bouddha) and has an Indian flavour.

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... Durpar — This is a merchant kingdom to the southeast of Veldorn, and is separated from Estagund by the Gurna Mountains ... nation lies to the east of Luiren, and is closely tied to Durpar and Var the Golden to the east ... It is led by a militant class of nobility, but it is as much a merchant nation as Durpar ...