List of Forgotten Realms Characters - I - Ivan and Pikel Bouldershoulder - Ivan Bouldershoulder

Ivan Bouldershoulder

Ivan is a stereotypical dwarf. Surly, strong, and always ready for a fight, he has allied himself with both Cadderly Bonaduce and Drizzt Do'Urden, two other characters of R.A. Salvatore's creation. Though he attacks Drizzt in their first meeting despite hearing of him. However after learning the dark elf was Drizzt apologizes profusley. He mispronounces Drizzt's surname as Dudden. Ivan is described as roughly four feet tall, and about two hundred pounds. He is almost never seen without his brother Pikel, for whom he often serves as translator. Ivan's weapon of choice is a large two-bitted axe. He also carries a crossbow that Cadderly designed. The crossbow, which Ivan himself built, fires unique bolts which are designed to fold in upon themselves, compressing the oil of impact, inside to cause an explosion. Ivan also wears a helmet with the antlers from an eight-point buck attached to it, and lacquered with several metals (the deer having been felled by a hammer throw in a contest with an elf). Ivan can use the helmet as a weapon by headbutting his opponents. The antlers are screwed in place with a tight perfect fit, and sealed with lacquer.

Under the influence of the chaos curse, Ivan did almost nothing except cook for the gluttons, and fight with his brother. But when Cadderly tried to talk to him, he and his brother were able to shake off the curse temporarily, on account of dwarves' natural resistance to enchantments. After he and Pikel came to their senses, they journeyed with Cadderly to the cellars of The Edificant Library to defeat the chaos curse, and the priest, Barjin, who brought it. Ivan is also shown to care deeply for his brother Pikel, especially when Pikel was apparently killed while fighting undead. After Pikel was struck down, Ivan only cared for hunting down the undead they were fighting, and almost attacked Cadderly when Cadderly was trying to calm Ivan down.

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