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Arilyn Moonblade is a half-elven "assassin" (although not of any assassin class, and certainly not evil) introduced in the Songs and Swords series of novels by Elaine Cunningham. She has a very youthful appearance despite her age, and pointed ears, because of her elvish lineage, and a slender body and beautiful face, and intense blue eyes with flecks of gold. She was raised in Evereska, but due to her half-human nature she was never fully accepted by the elves. After her mother, princess Amnestria of Evermeet, daughter of queen Amlaruil, was killed, she takes up her mother's moonblade and studies swordsmanship at the academy in the city. Adopting the surname Moonblade because of her sword (she was unaware of her royal family and true surname) she becomes an assassin for the Harpers (a challenger-to-combat, calling targets out and defeating them in honorable, open combat, not stalking and killing them from concealment.) She eventually leaves the group after deeming a mission to rescue a noblewoman to not be worth pursuing. She later marries Danilo Thann and connects with her family on Evermeet. Arilyn's father is Bran Skorlsun, an influential Harper ranger with a personal grudge against Khelben Arunsun (who even eventually succeeded in driving Khelben from the Harper ranks.)

Arilyn's moonblade is a powerful magical hereditary elven sword, used to determine the ruling family of Evermeet, which kills any unsuitable wielders and binds its wielders to it in service of the elven people, even after death (though for a time she lifted the killing restriction for Danillo, binding him to it, as well. She eventually released him from this, as she did not wish to curse him with being bound to the sword even after death, as she will be.) The moonstone in the hilt enables each successive wielder, signified by magical sigils, to grant a power to the sword over a period of time. It can produce abnormally fast swings, warn of danger by glowing or through dreams, disguise the wielder, open the elfgate (a magical portal to the gardens in the palace of Evermeet) and call forth a shadow version of herself wielding the sword. Arilyn's mark grants the blade the ability to warn her of when the wild elves of the Wealdath have need of a hero's sword.

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