List of Flight of The Conchords Episodes - Cast - One-time Characters

One-time Characters

This section includes characters, including those portrayed by notable people. Ones that are already mentioned in episode list are not listed in this section.
  • Pawn Shop Patron (Judah Friedlander), a man who tries to pawn a cake to Dave — "Sally"
  • David Armstrong (John Hodgman), manager of a greeting card company with which the Conchords sign a recording contract — "Bowie"
  • Fruit Stand Patron (Kevin Allison), a man who is served before Jemaine and Bret, although he was behind them in line, at a fruit stand run by an anti-Australian man who mistakes the duo for Aussies — "Drive By"
  • Club Owner (Kate Pierson), who turns the band away from a scheduled gig due to their reputation for causing damage — "What Goes on Tour"
  • Club MC (Daryl Hall), the MC of the Tuesday World Music Jam at which the Conchords play. He introduces them as "Flute of the Commodores" and ushers them quickly off stage several bars into "Rock the Party". — "New Fans"
  • Martin Clark (Greg Proops), president/CEO of an agency, which hires Bret and Jemaine to write a jingle for a new, "women-only" toothpaste — "A Good Opportunity"
  • Australian Ambassador (Alan Dale), the Australian ambassador who makes fun of Murray and Jemaine — "The Tough Brets"
  • Obnoxious Australian (Adam Garcia), an assistant to the Australian ambassador to the United States who makes fun of Murray and Jemaine — "The Tough Brets"
  • Keitha (Sarah Wynter), an Australian with whom Jemaine falls in love and plans to elope, but tricks him and robs their apartment while he's waiting for her — "Unnatural Love"
  • Bouncer (Randy Jones), who leads an all-male conga line in a nightclub — "Unnatural Love"
  • Elton John impersonator (Patton Oswalt), whom Bret and Jemaine meet while impersonating Simon & Garfunkel — "Prime Minister"
  • Art Garfunkel (himself), who saves Jemaine from a woman (Mary Lynn Rajskub), who makes him dress up like Art Garfunkel and have sex with her (aka "Garfunkeling" by Jemaine) — "Prime Minister"
  • Paula (Lucy Lawless), a New Zealand tourism official and old friend of Bryan, the Prime Minister — "New Zealand Town"

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