List of File Formats (alphabetical) - R

Ext. Description Used by
R Ratfor file
R Script file R
R00, R01, ... Part of a multi-file RAR archive
R2D Reflex 2 datafile Reflex 2
R3D Red Raw Video (raw video data created with a Red camera) Red Camera
R8 Raw graphics file (one byte per pixel) plane one PicLab
R8P PCL 4 bitmap font file Intellifont
RA Remote Access conf. files RA
RA0, RA1, ... Part of a multi-file RAR archive
RAD 2-op FM music Reality AdLib Tracker
RAD Radiance
RAL Remote Access Language file Remote Access
RAM Ramfile RealAudio
RAR Archive RAR
RAS Graphics format SUN Raster
RAT Datafile (RATS)
RAW HSI raw graphic file
RAW PCM Signed Raw Sound File
RAW QRT graphic file
RAY Rayshade
RB Ruby Script file
RBF Datafile Rbase
RC Configuration file emacs
RC Resource Compiler script file Microsoft C/C++, Borland C++
RC Resource Script Resource Writer
RC UUPC configuration files UUPC
RC Windows resource compiler script RC.EXE -Resource WorkShop - OS/2
RCG Netscape newsgroup file (netsc.rcg)
RData Data file R
RDF Compiled UIC source code Geoworks UI Compiler
RDI Device-independent bitmap file (RIFF RDIB format)
RDP RDP connection Remote Desktop connection
RDX Datafile Reflex
REC Archivation protocol ARCSERVE
REC Datafile EpiInfo
REC Record file Sprint
REC Windows Recorder Macro File WinRecorder
RED Path info Clarion Modula-2
RED REDuced nodelist file T-Mail nodelist Compiler
REF Cross-reference
REG OLE Registration file Windows 3.x
REG Registration information or key
REL Foreground job relocatable file RT-11
REM Remarks definition Sourcer
REM Remarks
REP QWK reader reply file
REP Report file used by many applications
REP Report Report Designer - CodeReporter - DataBoss
REQ File request FTN Software
RES Compiled resource Microsoft C/C++, Borland C++
RES DBASE resources dBASE IV
RES Windows compiled resource package Win
REV Revision file Geoworks
REX PharLab executable file (old format) PharLab
REX Report definition Oracle
REX Rexx language source file Rexx
REZ Resource file
RF Sun raster graphics file
RFM Report ForMat (script for customized report) Nuverb Systems Inc: Donarius
RFT DCA/RFT Revisable Format Text file IBM DisplayWrite 4.0-5.1
RGB SGI RGB image file (RAW) SDSC Image Tool
RGX Symbol tables etc. info ReaGeniX code generator
RH Resource header file Borland C++ 4.5
RH Windows resource file header RC.EXE
RHistory Command history logfile R
RI Data Lotus 1-2-3
RIB Graphics (Renderman Interface Bytestream) 3D Reality
RIC Fax Ricoh
RIF RIFF bitmap graphics (Resource Interchange File Format) Fractal Design Painter
RIP TeleGrafix Remote Imaging Protocol Maximus 3.0
RIX Graphics (ColoRIX Image File) ColoRIX
RL4 Bitmap graphics
RL8 Bitmap graphics
RLA Wavefront raster image file SDSC Image Tool
RLB Data hgw.rlb Harvard Graphics Win
RLC Graphics 1bit/pixel scanner output
RLD Norton Commander 5.0 temp file NC 5.0
RLD OSIMapDef. RecLoad Definition
RLE Utah Run Length Encoded rasterfile graphic file SDSC Image Tool
RLZ REALIZER source code file CA-Realizer
RM RealMedia RealPlayer
RMB data RegistryMaster
RMI Windows alternate synthesized sound format RIFF RMID format
RMK Make file CA Clipper - RMAKE
RMVB RealMedia Variable Bitrate RealPlayer
RN XPL program for Nota Bene users
RNA lime Network Real Native Application File All lime Network Applications
RND Rendering Slide AutoCAD AutoShade
Rnn Multi volume RAR archive RAR
RNO Runoff file VAX
ROL FM music Adlib Music File Roland
ROM Read Only Memory image in emulators, AONs, etc.
ROO CODASYL DBMS Database Root Oracle
RPB Data report file used by CP Backup CP Backup
RPD Database RapidFile
RPF AutoCAD pattern ACAD
RPL Text document Replica
RPM Red Hat Package Manager Red Hat Linux
RPT Report file used by many applications
RRD Reduced Resolution Dataset ESRI (GIS)
RS Data file Amiga Resource - Reassembler
RS Rust language source
RS_ Resource fork of a Macintosh file Mac-ette
RSC Resource file ViewMax - many
RSL Application - Project resolver one
RSL Resource Library used by PC Tools for Windows PC Tools - Win
RSP Response file (text file containing input expected by e.g. LINK)
RSP Response File OS/2
RST reStructuredText Docutils
RSY FLEXIT Multishot Survey Raw Data file FLEXIT
RTF Rich Text Format text file (help file script) many - Microsoft Word
RTL HP RTL graphic file
RTL Run-Time library Norton Utilities
RTL Text file
RTP RTPatch software update package data file Pocket soft patch
RTS Realizer executable file
RTS Runtime library file CA-Realizer
RUL Echo-conference rules
RUN PC Tools for Windows batch file PC Tools
RUNZ pseudo-executable file, used in Portable Apps and software installers for Super OS RUNZ Framework
RUS Russian text
RV Mobile pricelist data file Mobile
RVF TRichView
RVW Review RV Raw Wind Data
RWS Borland Resource Workshop symbol file Resource Workshop
RWS Resource Workshop data file Borland C++
RWX Criterion RenderWare
RWX MEME Shape File
RWX Script RenderWare
RWZ Microsoft Outlook Rules Wizard File Microsoft Outlook
RXD Reflex 1 datafile Reflex 1
RZK File Crypt password file All text editors
RZX File Crypt encrypted file File Crypt (Akte Krypta, Kriptirnik)

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