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Named Regiments

  • The Bedford Light Infantry (Red Cap BBC-1 TV series 2001-2004)
  • The Black Boneens A rival Irish regiment mentioned in "The Mutiny of the Mavericks" by Rudyard Kipling.
  • The Black Tyrone An Irish regiment serving in India mentioned in "The Ballad of Boh da Thone" by Rudyard Kipling.
  • Blankshire Highlanders The sample Scottish regiment used in Court of the Lord Lyon Information Leaflet No. 4: PETITIONS FOR ARMS .
  • Bombardier Guards (The Book of Snobs by William Makepeace Thackeray; Put Out More Flags by Evelyn Waugh)
  • Caledonian Highlanders (Bonnie Scotland 1935 film Laurel and Hardy})
  • The Cumbrians (Duke of Rutland's Own) (Soldier Soldier TV series 1991-1997)
  • The Dampshire Yeomanry in the comic opera Cox and Box 1866
  • The Derbyshire Regiment (Red Cap BBC-1 TV Series 2001-2004)
  • The Dragons (Heathercrest National Service Depot) Regiment (Carry On Sergeant 1958 film Carry On films})
  • Duke of Buckingham's Light Infantry ("The Sky Blues") (Gideon's Sword Bearers by John Mackenzie (author))
  • Duke of Clarence's Own Clanranald Highlanders ("The Inverness-shire Greens") (The Monarch of the Glen by Compton Mackenzie)
  • Duke of Edinburgh's Own Strathspey Highlanders (Banffshire Buffs) (Rich Relatives by Compton Mackenzie)
  • The Duke of Glendon's Light Infantry (The 'Dogs') (The Way Ahead 1944 Film)
  • The Fore and Fit Princess Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen-Anspach’s Merther-Tydfilshire Own Royal Loyal Light Infantry, Regimental District 329A ("The Fore and Aft" Regiment) ("Drums of the Fore and Aft" by Rudyard Kipling)
  • King's Own Fusiliers (Soldier Soldier TV series 1991-1997)
  • Lennox Highlanders (Richard Hannay's regiment in the works of John Buchan)
  • Jackboot Guards (The Book of Snobs by William Makepeace Thackeray)
  • Life Guards Greens (various novels by William Makepeace Thackeray) The nickname of the short-lived Horse-Grenadier Troops of the Life Guards.
  • Light Armoured Brigade (Thursday Next novels by Jasper Fforde)
  • Loamshire Regiment (Bulldog Drummond by "Sapper")
    • Royal Loamshire Regiment (A fictitious regiment used in British Army texts and manuals as an example.)
    • 1st Battalion, The Loamshire Regiment (The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp 1943 film)
    • 5th Battalion, The Loamshire Regiment (Men at Arms by Evelyn Waugh)
  • Lord Sempill’s Highland Regiment (A unit that mutinied mentioned in Gideon's Swordbearers by John Mackenzie)
  • The Malvern Regiment (Soldier Soldier TV series 1991-1997)
  • Northdale Rifles (The Mark of Cain 2007 TV film)
  • 114th Queen's Own Royal Strathspeys by Philip McCutchan aka Duncan MacNeil {ALso repeated above}
  • Queen's Own Scottish infantry regiment featured in Redcap (British television series by ABC Weekend Television) featured episode A Regiment of the Line, broadcast 1964.
  • Queen's Own West Mercian Lowlanders (Fairly Secret Army TV comedy series)
  • Royal Cambrian Fusiliers (Red Cap BBC-1 TV Series 2001-2004)
  • Royal Corps of Halberdiers (The Sword of Honour Trilogy by Evelyn Waugh)
  • Royal Cumbrian Regiment (The Four Feathers, 2002 film)
  • The Royal Loyal Musketeers ("The Mavericks") An Irish regiment mentioned in "Kim" and "The Mutiny of the Mavericks" by Rudyard Kipling
  • Royal North Surrey Regiment The Four Feathers 1939 Film}
  • Royal Wessex Rangers (Spearhead British TV series 1978-1981)
  • South Essex Regiment/Prince of Wales' Own Volunteers (Richard Sharpe's regiment in the Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell)
  • The South Glamorgan regiment ("Tank Commander" by Ronald Welch) John Carey's regiment while serving as an infantryman.
  • Weald Light Infantry (Now God be Thanked trilogy by John Masters).
  • Wessex Guards (Pigeon Pie by Nancy Mitford)
  • Wessex Fusiliers (Alms for Oblivion - a series of novels by Simon Raven)
  • Wessex Light Tank Armoured Brigade (The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde)
  • The Wessex Regiment (Red Cap BBC-1 TV Series 2001-2004)
  • West Yorkshire Fusiliers (The Wyffies) Various of Reginald Hill's Dalziel and Pascoe crime novels.
  • The White Hussars "The Rout of the White Hussars" by Rudyard Kipling

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