List of Feminist Rhetoricians - June Jordan

June Jordan

(1936–2002) Jordan was an activist, writer, poet, and teacher. She was born to Jamaican immigrants, and after her family moved to Brooklyn, New York, USA, she was the only black student attending her high school.

  • "Don’t You Talk About My Momma!" (1987)

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Famous quotes by june jordan:

    Our children will not survive our habits of thinking, our failures of the spirit, our wreck of the universe into which we bring new life as blithely as we do. Mostly, our children will resemble our own misery and spite and anger, because we give them no choice about it. In the name of motherhood and fatherhood and education and good manners, we threaten and suffocate and bind and ensnare and bribe and trick children into wholesale emulation of our ways.
    June Jordan (b. 1939)

    I can’t think of a single supposedly Black issue that hasn’t wasted the original Black target group and then spread like the measles to outlying white experience.
    June Jordan (b. 1936)