List of Female Detective Characters - J


  • Jill Jackson is a policewoman in Sydney in a series commenced 2007, by Leah Giarratano.
  • Cassidy James is a lesbian private investigator in Oregon in a book series begun 1996 by Kate Calloway.
  • Gemma James is a Scotland Yard detective in a series of books by American crime novelist Deborah Crombie, commenced 1993
  • Cass Jameson is a legal aid lawyer in Brooklyn in novels 1983 to 1998 by Carolyn Wheat.
  • Willa Janson is a lawyer in San Francisco in a series commenced 1987 by Lia Matera.
  • Kate Jasper is a vegetarian, divorcee, private investigator in Marin County in a series debuted 1991 by Jacqueline Girdner.
  • Smilla Qaaviqaaq Jaspersen is an isolated woman who doesn’t accept the police conclusion that a neighbour boy’s death is accidental and investigates it herself, in Danish author Peter Hoeg’s Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow (1992).
  • Mrs Jeffries is a policeman’s widow and housekeeper to Inspector Witherspoon in Victorian England. She and the other household staff solve all his cases and give him an enviable reputation in Scotland Yard, in a book series by Emily Brightwell, beginning in 1993.
  • Jane Jeffry appeared in 1989 in novels by Jill Churchill, she is a widow with three children living in Chicago who gets involved in murder cases between her domestic responsibilities.
  • Sister Joan is a nun, debuted 1990 in novels by Veronica Black (Maureen Peters).
  • Hilda Johansson is a housemaid in a wealthy household in South Bend, Indiana in 1905, in novels by Jeanne M Dams, commenced 2001 with “Death in Lacquer Red”.
  • Brenda Leigh Johnson is the Deputy Chief in the Major Crimes Division of Los Angeles, played by Kyra Sedgwick on the 2005-present TNT series The Closer.
  • Vivian Johnson is an FBI agent played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste on the 2002-2009 CBS series Without a Trace.
  • Casey Jones is an unlicensed PI and ex-con, tough and brash, in a book series by Katy Munger, co-creator of Tart Noir.
  • Fremont Jones provides secretarial services, and detects on the side, in novels set in San Francisco in the late 1890s/1900, commenced 1995 by Dianne Day.
  • Jessica Jones is a New York private detective and journalist and former superhero, the main protagonist of the Marvel comic series Alias (2001-4) and The Pulse (2004-6), and has subsequently appeared in The Avengers and other titles. She is married to Luke Cage. It's notable that most of her back-story is retconned into the history of other characters such as Spider-Man.
  • Lena Jones is a private investigator and former policewoman in the west of the United States, debuted 2001 in a series of books by Betty Webb.
  • Sam Jones is a NYC sculptress and crime-solver in 6 novels 1996- by Lauren Henderson, a creator of 'Tart Noir'.
  • Jimm Juree is a Thai crime reporter forced to return to a rural area to look after her mother and the rest of her family, in a series commenced 2011 by Colin Cotterill.
  • Charlotte Justice is an African American Los Angeles Police Department Detective in a series by Paula L. Woods.

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