List of Federal Judges Appointed By Ronald Reagan - United States Supreme Court Justices

United States Supreme Court Justices

Justice Seat State Began active
Ended active
Ended senior
Kennedy, AnthonyAnthony Kennedy Seat 4 California 01988-02-11February 11, 1988 Incumbent
O'Connor, Sandra DaySandra Day O'Connor Seat 8 Arizona 01981-09-22September 22, 1981 02006-01-31January 31, 2006 Incumbent
Rehnquist, WilliamWilliam Rehnquist Chief Justice Arizona 01986-09-25September 25, 1986 02005-09-03September 3, 2005
Scalia, AntoninAntonin Scalia Seat 9 New Jersey 01986-09-25September 25, 1986 Incumbent

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    If the justices would only retire when they have become burdens to the court itself, or when they recognize themselves that their faculties have become impaired, I would grieve sincerely when they passed away, and you would not feel like such a hypocrite as you do when you are going through the formality of sending telegrams of condolence and giving out interviews for propriety’s sake.
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