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At the 1978 Safari Rally, five by-passers and four spectators were killed in unrelated accidents, both involving non-competitive drivers crashing into competitors.

On the first stage of the 1986 Rally Portugal, Joaquim Santos lost control of his Ford RS200 while trying to avoid spectators on the road, crashing into a "human wall" of spectators, killing three and injuring over thirty. All the factory teams – Audi, Austin Rover, Ford, Lancia, Peugeot and Volkswagen – withdrew from the event.

At the 1995 Rally of the Thousand Lakes, at a special stage Hassi one spectator died when Belgian Bruno Thiry, driving 0-car, ran over her. According to some reports the spectator was unable to hear Thiry's car coming because of the crowd noise and relatively low sound of the car compared to full WRC vehicles.

At the 1996 Rally of the Thousand Lakes, at the famous special stage Harju that took place in the centrum of "Rally Capital" Jyväskylä, one spectator died and 36 injured when Danish Kristen Rikhard lost control of his Mitsubishi Lancer due to too high speed and wrong driving line. Rikhard, car number 65, reached the curve at 120 km/h (approximately 75 mph), finally hitting the crowd at 40 km/h although the audience had placed within safe distance to road.

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