List of Estonian Wars - The Reformation Period

The Reformation Period

By the late 1550s, the Reformation and Counter-Reformation had caused internal conflicts in Livonian Confederation, while its Eastern neighbour Russia had grown stronger after defeating the khanates of Kazan and Astrakhan. The conflict between Russia and the Western powers was exacerbated by Russia's isolation from sea trade. Neither could the tsar hire qualified labour in Europe.

  • 1558–1582, the Livonian War
  • 1600–1629, the Polish-Swedish War
    • 1600–1611, the war of 1600–1611
    • 1617–1618, the war of 1617–1618
    • 1621–1625, the war of 1621–1625
  • 1700–1721, the Great Northern War

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