List of Ecclesiastical Abbreviations - Abbreviations of Titles of The Principal Religious Orders and Congregations of Priests

Abbreviations of Titles of The Principal Religious Orders and Congregations of Priests

  • A.A. – Augustiniani Assumptionis (Assumptionists)
  • A.B.A. – Antoniani Benedictini Armeni (Mechitarists)
  • C.J.M. – Congregatio Jesu et Mariae (Eudist Fathers)
  • C.M. – Congregatio Missionis (Lazarists)
  • C.M. – Congregatio Mariae (Fathers of the Company of Mary)
  • C.P. – Congregatio Passionis (Passionists)
  • C.PP.S. – Congregatio Pretiosissimi Sanguinis (Fathers of the Most Precious Blood)
  • C.R. – Congregatio Resurrectionis (Resurrectionist Fathers)
  • C.R.C.S. – Clerici Regulares Congregationis Somaschae (Somaschi Fathers)
  • C.R.I.C. – Canonici Regulares Immaculatae Conceptionis ("Canons Regular of the Immaculate Conception")
  • C.R.L. – Canonici Regulares Lateranenses ("Canons Regular of the Lateran")
  • C.R.M. – Clerici Regulares Minores ("Clerks Regular Minor", Mariani)
  • C.R.M.D. – Clerici Regulares Matris Dei ("Clerks Regular of the Mother of God")
  • C.R.M.I. – Clerici Regulares Ministrantes Infirmis ("Clerks Regular Attendant on the Sick", Camillini, Camilliani)
  • C.R.P. – Congregatio Reformatorum Praemonstratensium (Premonstratensians)
  • C.R.S.P. – Clerici Regulares Sancti Pauli (Barnabites)
  • C.R.S.P. – Clerici Regulares Pauperum Matris Dei Scholarum Piarum ("Clerks Regular of the Poor Men of the Mother of God for Pious Schools", Piarists)
  • C.R.T. – Clerici Regulares Theatini (Theatines)
  • C.S.B. – Congregatio Sancti Basilii (Basilians)
  • C.S.C. – Congregatio Sanctae Crucis (Fathers and Brothers of the Holy Cross)
  • C.S.P. – Congregatio Sancti Pauli (Paulists)
  • C.S. Sp. – Congregatio Sancti Spiritus (Holy Ghost Fathers)
  • C.S.V. – Clerici Sancti Viatoris (Clerks, or Clerics, of St. Viateur)
  • C.SS.CC. – Congregatio Sacratissimorum Cordium (Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary)
  • C. SS. R. – Congregatio Sanctissimi Redemptoris (Redemptorists)
  • Inst. Char. – Institutum C(h)aritatis (Rosminians)
  • M.C. – Missionaries of Charity
  • M.S. – Missionaries of La Salette (France)
  • M.S.C. – Missionarii Sancti Caroli ("Missionaries of St. Charles")
  • M.S.C. – Missionarii Sacratissimi Cordis ("Missionaries of the Most Sacred Heart")
  • O.C. – Ordo C(h)aritatis (Fathers of the Order of Charity)
  • O. Camald. – Ordo Camaldulensium (Camaldolese)
  • O. Cart. – Ordo Cartusiensis (Carthusians)
  • O. Cist. – Ordo Cisterciensium (Cistercians)
  • O.C.C. – Ordo Carmelitarum Calceatorum (Carmelites)
  • O.C.D. – Ordo Carmelitarum Discalceatorum (Discalced, or Barefoot, Carmelites)
  • O.C.R. – Ordo Reformatorum Cisterciensium (Cistercians, Trappists)
  • O.F.M. – Ordo Fratrum Minorum (Observant Franciscans)
  • O.M. – Ordo Minimorum (Minims of St. Francis of Paola)
  • O. Merced. – Ordo Beatae Mariae Virginis de Redemptione Captivorum (Mercedarians, Nolaschi)
  • O.M.C. – Ordo Minorum Conventualium (Conventual Franciscans)
  • O.M. Cap., O.F.M. Cap., O.M.C. – Ordo Minorum Cappucinorum (Capuchins)
  • O.M.I. – Oblati Mariae Immaculatae (Oblate Fathers of Mary Immaculate)
  • O.P., Ord. Fratr. Praed. – Ordo Praedicatorum (Dominicans)
  • Ord. Praem. – Ordo Praemonstratensium (Premonstratensians, Norbertines)
  • O.S.A. – Ordo Sancti Augustini (Augustinians)
  • O.S.B. – Ordo Sancti Benedicti (Benedictines)
  • O.S.C. – Oblati Sancti Caroli (Oblate Fathers of St. Charles)
  • O.S.F.C. – Ordinis Sancti Francisci Capuccini (Franciscan Capuchins)
  • O.S.F.S. – Oblati Sancti Francisci Salesii (Oblate Fathers of St. Francis of Sales)
  • O.S.H. – Ordo Sancti Hieronymi (Hieronymites)
  • O.S.M. – Ordo Servorum Mariae (Servites)
  • O.SS.C. – Oblati Sacratissimi Cordis ("Oblate Fathers of the Sacred Heart")
  • O. Trinit. – Ordo Sanctissimae Trinitatis (Trinitarians)
  • P.O. – Pretres de l'Oratoire, Presbyteri Oratorii (Oratorians)
  • P.S.M. – Pia Societas Missionum (Fathers of the Pious Society of Missions, Pallottini)
  • P.S.S. – Presbyteri Sancti Sulpicii, Pretres de S. Sulpice (Sulpicians)
  • S.C. – Salesianorum Congregatio (Congregation of St. Francis of Sales – Salesian Fathers)
  • S.D.S. – Societas Divini Salvatoris ("Society of the Divine Saviour")
  • S.D.V. – Societas Divini Verbi (Fathers of the Divine Word)
  • S.J. – Societas Jesu ("Society of Jesus", i.e. the Jesuits)
  • S.M. – Societas Mariae (Marists)
  • S.P.M. – Societas Patrum Misericordiae (Fathers of Mercy)
  • S.J.C. – Canonici Regulares Sancti Joannis Cantii (Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius)
  • S.S.C. – Columban Fathers (Missionary Society of St Columban)
  • S.S.S. – Societas Sanctissimi Sacramenti (Fathers of the Blessed Sacrament)

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