List of Divisional Boards in Queensland - Divisions Created By The Act

Divisions Created By The Act

On 11 November 1879, 74 divisions came into existence upon the proclamation of the Act:

  • Antigua Division
  • Aramac Division
  • Balmoral Division
  • Banana Division
  • Barambah Division (renamed Nanango in 1888)
  • Barcaldine Division
  • Barolin Division
  • Bauhinia Division
  • Beenleigh Division
  • Belyando Division
  • Booringa Division
  • Brassall Division
  • Broadsound Division
  • Bulimba Division (renamed Belmont in 1894)
  • Bundanba Division
  • Burrum Division
  • Caboolture Division
  • Cairns Division
  • Calliope Division
  • Clifton Division
  • Coomera Division
  • Daintree Division
  • Dalrymple Division
  • Diamantina Division
  • Doonmunya Division (renamed Carpentaria in 1883)
  • Durundur Division (renamed Esk in 1880)
  • Einasleigh Division
  • Glastonbury Division (1895; Gympie area)
  • Glengallan Division
  • Gogango Division
  • Goolman Division
  • Gowrie Division
  • Gregory Division (abolished late 1880s)
  • Hann Division
  • Highfields Division
  • Hinchinbrook Division
  • Inglewood Division
  • Ithaca Division (became municipality in 1887)
  • Jondaryan Division
  • Kargoolnah Division
  • Kolan Division
  • Murilla Division
  • Murweh Division
  • Mutdapilly Division
  • Nerang Division
  • Nogoa Division (abolished late 1880s)
  • Nundah Division (renamed Kedron in 1901)
  • Paroo Division
  • Perry Division
  • Pioneer Division
  • Purga Division
  • Ravenswood Division
  • Rawbelle Division
  • Rosalie Division
  • Stanthorpe Division
  • Tabragalba Division
  • Taroom Division
  • Thuringowa Division
  • Tiaro Division
  • Tinana Division
  • Tingalpa Division
  • Toowong Division (became municipality in 1880)
  • Ula Ula Division
  • Waggamba Division
  • Walloon Division
  • Wallumbilla Division (abolished c.1891 - in Mitchell area)
  • Wambo Division
  • Wangaratta Division
  • Warroo Division
  • Waterford Division
  • Widgee Division
  • Woothakata Division
  • Yeerongpilly Division

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