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There is not much information on Baal, but ever since La Pucelle: Tactics, he has become a recurring boss in all Nippon Ichi games with the exception of Soul Nomad and is usually the strongest one in the game. Defeating him will usually reward the player with game's best items or a new title. What is known about Baal is that his form can change from game to game, ranging from a towering Lord of Terror to the comical looking Eringa (a mushroom monster), but is still incredibly powerful in each form. In Disgaea, he is the legendary Lord of Terror who attempted to conquer all the Netherworlds in existence, but he was sealed away by King Krichevskoy. In Makai Kingdom, Trenia explains that he is a collection of evil souls that can transfer into other bodies when defeated. It is assumed that the large towering demon is Baal's regular state, but after being defeated, he usually transfers into a Prinny Suit or Erynga, because Prinny Suits are empty shells that harbor souls, while Eryngas are rather weak monsters in abundance. Baal does not have any speaking roles. His dialogue is confined to "..." and only has a monstrous grunt in battle with the exception of the first Baal battle in Makai Kingdom (due to him taking over Zetta's body). This changes in Disgaea 3 when he speaks to Mao and the rest as a Red Eringa.

In Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Baal is a legendary Overlord that was sealed by King Krichevskoy a number of years before the start of the storyline of Disgaea, resulting in Krichevskoy becoming fatally weakened. He later faces Laharl, who is taken back by his levels (Laharl states "You've gotta be kidding! Level 4000?!"). He is later replaced by Prinny Baal, whom the player can fight as many times as he/she desires.

In Disgaea 2, Adell & Rozalin went to Baal's Castle to face the Supreme Overlord, but upon entering, they find what they assume to be a statue of Baal. However, Rozalin's four-leaf clover seal suddenly reacts and the statue, revealed to actually be Baal, attacks Rozalin. There are two battles in the game against Baal (First against his regular form, then against him again as a Prinny, accompanied by 4 clones of his original self).

Throughout the optional quests in Disgaea 3, Baal has been recently defeated by Laharl, being chased by him into Mao's netherworld. In this game, he takes the form of an Erynga, the mushroom demons, and has been confirmed to be the one stealing various items from people. Among the things he stole are an "a" and a space in Master Big Star's name (Master big Star claims he could only afford an "e", making his name "Mister Bigster"), Salvatore's feminine side, Prism Red's friends, Asagi's game, Marona's innocent heart, Axel's stardom, Laharl's height (and screentime), Etna's 1 billion HL savings account, Flonne's DVD box set, and an unknown item that's owned by Mao, who refers to it as "That". Upon his defeat and being requested to give everything he stole back, Baal claims that what everyone truly wanted was friends, encounter, a trusting heart, and more screen time in Disgaea 3, all of which he had given to him, causing everyone to reflect on all that has happened. Immediately after the reflection, though, he comments on how good it feels to make everyone reflect once in a while and runs off, making this the only battle that in which he is not finished off. It's also the only time where he is shown to harbour noble intentions for the characters.

Baal appears again in Prinny Can I Really Be the Hero? in his "Uber Prinny" form. He can be fought if the player goes through the martial tower stage two times in one story. Unlike Prinny Laharl, however, he cannot be defeated by throwing him.

Baal also reappears in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten as a downloadable boss, this time in his true form at Level 9999.

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