List of Discrete Event Simulation Software - Commercial


  • SIMPROCESS is a discrete event simulation tool that combines flow charting, dynamic simulation, Activity Based Costing, and complex business logic. SIMPROCESS models can be build in a desktop environment or server-based environment, and they support Business Activity Monitoring for predictive analytics.
  • AnyLogic is a graphical general purpose simulation tool which supports discrete event (process-centric), system dynamics and agent-based modeling approaches. In discrete event simulation it roots to the same approach as GPSS, but provides additional features: combining different approaches, dynamic animation, DB-connectivity, DXF-import, rich experimental framework etc.
  • Arena is a simulation and automation software developed by Rockwell Automation. It uses the SIMAN processor and simulation language.
  • CLASS is the Configurable Layout and Simulation System developed by Cirrus Logistics. Designed for the logistics sector business user - quick and easy 2D and 3D modelling of warehouses, site traffic, ports, automotive logistics.
  • Enterprise Dynamics is a simulation software platform developed by INCONTROL Simulation Solutions. Features include drag-and-drop modeling and instant 2D and 3D Animation.
  • ExtendSim is a general purpose simulation software package from Imagine That.
  • Flexsim - is a discrete event simulation software which includes the basic FlexSim simulation software and three product lines: FlexSim distributed simulation system (FlexSim DS), FlexSim container terminal library (FlexSim CT) and FlexSim Healthcare Simulation (FlexSim HC)
  • GoldSim - Combines system dynamics with aspects of discrete event simulation, embedded in a Monte Carlo framework.
  • Lanner WITNESS - A discrete event simulation platform, with graphical 2D & 3D and scripting interfaces, for modelling processes and experimentation.
  • Lanner L-SIM Server - Java based simulation engine for simulating BPMN2.0 based process models.
  • NetSim - Network Simulation software with built-in development environment
  • Plant Simulation - Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software developed by Siemens PLM Software enables the simulation and optimization of production systems and processes.
  • Process Playground - a Web-based discrete event simulation program for Lean and process improvement produced by With the objects, inputs and automated features, Process Playground helps define existing process flows, embed decision rules and data inputs, and simulate the process configuration.
  • ProModel - a discrete-event simulation tool that also allows modeling of continuous processes. ProModel is used for evaluating, planning or designing manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and other operational and strategic applications.
  • Renque is general-purpose discrete event simulation software with integrated Visual Basic scripting and a graphical interface for design and operation.
  • SimEvents of MathWorks adds discrete event simulation to the MATLAB/Simulink environment.
  • Simio: a discrete event simulation tool that provides a true object-based 3D modeling environment which lets you construct your 3D model in a single step from a top-down 2D view, and then instantly switch to a 3D view of your system. You simply drag and place your 3D objects from an Object Library into your facility view of the model.
  • SIMUL8 produces several versions of its object-based simulation software.
  • Simcad Pro Dynamic Discrete and continuous simulation software. Visual interface with no coding environment. Support 2D and 3D Animation and Value Stream Mapping.
  • MS4 Modeling Environment is a general purpose DEVS methodology based software environment for discrete event and hybrid models. The combination of DEVS and System Entity Structure (SES) frameworks allows family of models prototyping and system of systems engineering (SoSE) modeling and simulation.

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