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Voiced by: Masako Nozawa (Japanese), Steven Jay Blum (English)

Guilmon (ギルモン, Girumon?) is a viral raptor-like Reptile Digimon who bares the Digital hazard mark on his chest. Guilmon was created by Takato as a drawing and was brought to life soon after by the Blue Card which the Digignomes secretly placed among Takato's card deck. Though a rookie, Guilmon originally has a child mentality and was unaware of the differences between humans and Digimon, calling his partner Tamer "Takatomon" and loving to eat the Matsuki Bakery's bread. Overtime, moved to Shinjuku Park to be kept a secret, Guilmon matures a bit to be able to speak normally and play with Takato's classmates. Guilmon has a very keen sense of smell and possess somewhat of a sixth sense to detect other digimon if around, usually going feral in earlier fights. Guilmon is very loyal and protective of Takato and would do anything for him. In the finale, Guilmon regressed to Gigimon as a side effect of the Red Card and thus was forced to part ways with Takato. Though a Rookie, Guilmon is very powerful, as shown in his fight with Ice Devimon where he destroys the Champion with relative ease where Kyubimon, also a Champion, was defeated by him. Also, during Battle of Adventurers Guilmon destroys Scorpiomon, an Ultimate with just an Aero Wing modification to help him.

  • Growlmon (グラウモン, Guraumon?, Growmon) is the Digivolved form of Guilmon, an extremely powerful Dinosaur Digimon who uses the dragon blades on his arms he can cut through almost anything. Guilmon first Digivolved to Growlmon during his fight against Devidramon, though he was unable to regress for an entire day.
  • WarGrowlmon (メガログラウモン, Megaroguraumon?, MegaloGrowmon) is Guilmon's Ultimate form, an extremely powerful cyborg Digimon who first manifested when Takato uses the Blue Card during the Tamers' fight with the Deva Mihiramon. The form is used to battle the Devas that follow and later Beelzemon. He is armed with bladed Pendulum Blades and the Atomic Blaster on his chest.
  • Megidramon (メギドラモン, Megidoramon?) is an alternate Mega form of Guilmon, an Evil Dragon Digimon which manifested as the result of Takato's rage towards Beelzemon turning Guilmon into a mindless monster while the boy's D-Ark shatters in the process. In this form, the full destructive power of the Digital Hazard is released, causing the Digital World to begin breaking up in the monster's presence as he tries to devour Beelzemon. However, absorbing Makuramon's data at the last second, Beelzemon manages to knock Megidramon unconscious so Takato can reach his partner and restore him to his usual form.
  • Gallantmon (デュークモン, Dyūkumon?, Dukemon) is the actual Mega form of Guilmon, an Exalted Knight Digimon armed with the Gram lance and the Aegis Shield. Guilmon is first able to assume the form when Takato's wish to fight by his partner's side against Beelzemon causes them to Biomerge. Though Gallantmon defeats Beelzemon, he spares him at Jeri's request. After Dobermon's sacrfice, Gallantmon is used in the fight against the D-Reaper prior to receiving the ARMS "Grani" as his mode of transportation.
  • Gallantmon: Crimson Mode: After being injured by the D-Reaper in the finale, Gallantmon merges with his steed Grani and digivolves into Crimson Mode. In this mode he is incredibly powerful, able to take on the D-Reaper's agents with ease. In Runaway Locomon, Gallantmon assumes this form again due to Takato's determination to win and proves to be so powerful that he destroys a whole army of Parasimon with one shot when all the Tamers combined were having a hard time battling them.

Guilmon was created by Chiaki J. Konaka, influenced by Ultraman and Kaiju movies. Upon viewing the initial design sketches, he assumed that the character would be roughly the same size as Agumon. However, when he realized that Guilmon would be about the size of a human adult, he realized that "e was nowhere near small enough for a child to hide in his room." Konaka then realized that he could tailor the plot of Digimon Tamers to incorporate this problem.

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