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SaberLeomon is a powerful Mega-level Digimon who terrorized the expedition team that Sampson and Spencer Damon were a part of. Back then, he was defeated by Spencer personally, an act that would prove to be haunting years later. Ten years later, SaberLeomon confronted Merukimon about his supposed cowardice in dealing with humans. He struck an alliance with Gotsumon, who had led SaberLeomon's army into the human world. When this failed, he attacked the human world personally. He overwhelmed the Digimon Data Squad - only to fall prey to Kurata's schemes. He was struck by a beam from Gizumon AT, one of Kurata's creations, which weakened him to the point that Marcus could shatter his fang. He was then killed by RizeGreymon (making him the fourth Leomon variant to die in the Digimon franchise), and his Digi-Egg was destroyed. SaberLeomon's appearance is much larger than in the first Digimon series.

  • Attacks
    • Howling Crusher: Charges power into one or both of his claws and delivers a powerful slash to the foe.
    • Infinity Arrow: Fires the sharp hairs from his mane like arrows, in a barrage towards the foe.
SaberLeomon's voice was supplied by Hitoshi Bifu, with only Paul St. Peter returning to resume the role.

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