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The carver of the Pure Stones. Brim had been hiding in a mountain from Infinis Gislies for twelve years. He build robotic birds called the Kihn to keep himself company. His peace was shattered when the Defenders took shelter in his home. He absolutely didn't want to help them because of the way his inventions were used for evil. But they reminded him of what he held for human life and at Seth's request, he carved the Vitus stone. When Brackus sieged his home, Brim set his equipment on overload so he and the Defenders could escape. Outside, he took off on his jetpack, with the Nova stone from Seth that he used to create the Vitus stone.

Afterwards, he began to tinker with the Nova Stone's power. He managed to create a Prison function within the stone, allowing it to contain the spirit of the target. This was the key to defeating Nazmul, which gave Brackus his "trump card".

After the Nova Stone was "mysteriously" taken from him by Adam, Brim hid out in a cave outside Callisto. After Brakus found him and forced him to reveal where the Nova Stone was, he was banished to the Dark Realm by Madame Leizel.

He is later released and imprisoned within a cave, being watched by a guard. The Defenders get to him first and free him, but he gets kidnapped by Malco and Flinch, and taken to the mountains where a crystal lies; that can cut open the Nova Stone. He later opens the Nova Stone, releasing Nazmul. But because of the Prison function he added, he needed another host body to walk RaDos once more. Flinch decides to offer Brim up as the sacrifice, but Brim accidentally lost his balance and fell off the cliff, presumably to his death.

He ends up surviving the fall, but he becomes frozen solid on Mount Froza, being guarded by two Sigil Slayer creatures with their egg pile. When the Defenders discover that Brim was the one who wrote the Tome of Al-Mortigar, they contacted Brackus because he was the last one to see him alive. He tells them where they are and the Defenders go to the mountain. Adam, Erik and Rion retrieve Brim and defeat the Sigil Slayer parents. After the Defenders get away with him and the two icons, they ask him about the Tome of Al-Mortigar. They tell him it was trashed by accident, but he explains to them that there is "another way". Mel casts a spell to copy his memories of the tome to Erik, giving him the knowledge the book possesses. When they go to the Chi'Brek momument to make the exchange for Kara's life, they give them Brim instead of the book.

Brim is voiced by James Rankin.

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