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Lord Nazmul

Once a loyal Wizard of Yan, Lord Nazmul fought for the forces of good alongside his brother, Alnar, against the Ethos. But greed, corruption, and the promise of eternal life clouded his mind of all reason. He betrayed his calling by forming the evil Order Of Infinis. His goal is to gain access to enough realm energy to complete a powerful spell that would offer eternal life to him and his followers. Using knowledge from the Ethos and a large portion of the realm's power, he created the Megalith. But before he could use the Megalith's power to suppress RaDos, his first body was destroyed by the Defenders. However, his spirit lives on within a body that has the head like a skull attached to a robotic body. Although Nazmul is still powerful, this body was deteriorating, and he needed to find someone who can hold incredible power - someone like a Defender (i.e. Kara), to be his new host body.

After being maimed by Seth and Omniaxor, he combined his spirit with Malco, to form a being of uncomprehendable physical and magical strength. With this superhuman body and power, he banished Brackus to the Dark Realm for high treason. Seth then used the Nova Stone's secondary function(The Nova Prison) and sealed Nazmul's spirit away inside the Nova Stone

As of the end of Season 1, Nazmul's spirit was still imprisoned inside the Nova Stone. Malco and Flinch couldn't figure out how to free him from the confines of the Nova Stone, until they kidnapped Brim. They go to the Bi'Yani Mountains to retrieve a crystal that has the power to shatter the Nova Stone. Using the crystal and a special hammer, Brim cracks the Nova Stone to free the Lord of Infinis. However, Brim added a failsafe to prevent him from escaping unless someone offered their life energy and took his place. At first, Malco tried to use Brim, but the sigil carver accidentally lost his balance and fell off the cliff. Malco then tried to use Flinch, but Brackus' intervention caused him to drop him. Malco then offered himself to Nazmul and he drained most of Malco's strength.

Nazmul was able to walk, but was weak. He had the appearance of a true skeleton and had red eyes. He then tried to regenerate his energies from the Nova Stone and Rion. But Brackus cut off the Nova Stone source by removing it from the pedestal, almost risking his life. And Seth cut off Nazmul's arm again with Nega Mass, causing him to drop Rion. Without any source of energy to keep him in RaDos, Nazmul's spirit was permanently destroyed.

Nazmul was extremely dangerous as he is one of the very few beings who controlled the Altas sigil by specializing in all Eight original Power Sigils. His wizard spells involve dispelling energy from Di-Gata Stones and firing green beams of light to grab objects and to attack enemies. Nazmul's guardian was the Megalith, who was trapped by a spell in the four Pure Stones. However, it was later destroyed.

Nazmul is voiced by Lawrence Bayne.

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