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Space Traffic Control and Admiral Cyclosporiasis

In one of the Bay City odd jobs in DAH!2, Pox and Crypto contact two other furons in desperation of rescue and/or back up. They transmit a radio signal created by a makeshift transmitter array, which is picked up by a non-helpful furon working at Space Traffic Control, whom Pox insults after he explains that he has never actually heard of Pox before. The call is then picked up by the furon admiral, Cyclosporasis, who, becoming angered after learning that Pox and Crypto were foolish enough to let the humans get the upper hand in the first place, threatens to send in another commander to take Pox's place, to which Pox becomes extremely upset, and then denies Pox any assistance. Pox is infuriated by this as the admiral discontinues the transmission, after which Pox yells out Frak! Stating it was an old Cylon curse word.

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