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Endon's chief advisor, who turns out to be a servant of the Shadow Lord. Like those before him, Prandine was given the task to deceive the royal family of Deltora into a state of helplessness while ensuring they would have no support from the people by the time the Shadow Lord made his move. In the process, Prandine murdered King Alton (Endon's father) and his wife with a poisoned knife and covered it up by claiming them to have died of an illness. He then drove Jarred off soon after and then silenced Min years later when the plan's final steps commence. After the jewels were scattered and the Belt shattered, Prandine confronts Endon, Jarred, and Sharn in the highest tower, ready to kill them with his poisoned knife as he held Sharn at blade's point. However, he underestimates the resourcefulness of the "painted doll" Sharn, who tricks him into looking out from the window under the assumption that help arrived and shoved him to his death. Prandine is thought by Lief to be a Grade 3 Ol, due to a speech made by Fallow in the fifth book of the first series (Dread Mountain).

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