List of Da Capo Series Characters - Da Capo II - Original Main Characters

Original Main Characters

Yoshiyuki Sakurai (桜内義之, Sakurai Yoshiyuki?)
Voiced by: Mikado Sumeragi, Rina Misaki (young) / Shintaro Asanuma
Yoshiyuki is the protagonist of Da Capo II as the student of Kazami affiliated junior high class 3-3. The son Sakura and Jun'ichi never had, brought into existence by the new unwilting sakura tree. His name refers to this as well as it can be taken to mean "Yoshiyuki born from within Sakura". Like Jun'ichi, Yoshiyuki can create wagashi with magic. He also appears to be able to see either the future or peoples desires and dreams when he himself is asleep, as shown when at the beginning of a couple episodes in the anime version where it shows a dream he is sharing with someone and later when the actual event occurs and he recognizes the relation between the reality and his dream. In the anime, Yoshiyuki is depicted to be very caring about people around him. His actions as such frequently results in girls misunderstanding his helpful nature as signs of confession. Yoshiyuki is very insensitive to the people, especially the feelings of girls surrounding him. It is also not clear who he habours feelings for even though he accepted Koko's confession and even dated her in the first season.
Otome Asakura (朝倉音姫, Asakura Otome?)
Voiced by: Ai Hinaki / Ayahi Takagaki
Otome is the main heroine in the game and one of Jun'ichi and Nemu's granddaughters. She is the student of Kazami senior high class 2-3 and the chairman of the student council. She refers to Yoshiyuki as "otōto-kun", meaning "little brother". Otome inherited her father's magical abilities. Otome seems to be one of the two persons, besides Sakura, to have known that Yoshiyuki was created due to the a wish upon the Sakura tree. It is not clear whether Otome's feelings for Yoshiyuki are that of a brother or more but in the second season it was hinted that her feelings for him are greater than that of a brother. In the first season of the anime, Otome is portrayed as a caring elder sister to Yoshiyuki and also a very responsible council member in school, to the extent of falling sick in worries of matters regarding Minatsu. In the second season of the anime, Otome is shown to be very reserved when she was young only to become more open with the help of Yoshiyuki. They then share a promise to be whole-heartedly together. Otome is seen to care very much for Yoshiyuki and his daily affairs. This is shown when Yoshiyuki has an upcoming play where he is to play the main character. She forced Yoshiyuki to practice with her every night just to perfect his skills. Otome describes herself as a 'Magician of Justice' and has overwhelming passion to uphold what is right and what is wrong. However, Otome is shown to be very emotional in her part. This is depicted when she replaces Koko as the female lead in the Puppet show where she cried while acting out her role.
Yume Asakura (朝倉由夢, Asakura Yume?)
Voiced by: Hijiri Kinomi / Yui Horie
Yume is the student of Kazami affiliated junior high class 2-1. She is Otome's younger sister, and one of Jun'ichi and Nemu's granddaughters. Her first name literally means "dream." Due to her magician blood, she sees the future in her dreams. In the first season of the anime, Yume's accommodating personality is being portrayed when she easily became friends with Minatsu. Yume is also there to support Minatsu in times of trouble and also show signs of defensiveness towards Minatsu when others found out about the latter being a robot. In the second season of the anime, Yume is depicted to be rather lonely after Minatsu leaves the school. However, she puts on an independent front when in front of others, especially around Yoshiyuki. Yume is also shown to harbor romantic feelings for Yoshiyuki and is shown on a few occasions to convey her feelings indirectly by asking Yoshiyuki out. However, Yoshiyuki does not seem to know about it. When Yoshiyuki first came to stay at the Asakuras' place when he was young, the younger Yume is shown to be very open in her feelings and immediately grab Yoshiyuki's hands to introduce herself.
Nanaka Shirakawa (白河ななか, Shirakawa Nanaka?)
Voiced by: Myū Nonaka / Minori Chihara
Nanaka is the student of Kazami affiliated junior high class 3-2, the school idol, and Kotori Shirakawa's granddaughter from Jun'ichi. She likes singing, but not in front of others. Nanaka is the lead singer of the school band together with Koko her childhood and her best friend who places the bass. Like Kotori in the previous game, she has the power to read minds (due to a wish granted by the magical sakura tree), but only when she is touching the person whose mind she wants to read. She starts to fall in love with Yoshiyuki when he starts being genuinely worried about her and helps her when she is picked on by other girls for playing with guys' feelings (even though those are just jealous rumors), but later she finds out he was worried about her not because he liked her, but because he saw her as a good friend.
Koko Tsukishima (月島小恋, Tsukishima Koko?)
Voiced by: Aya Tachibana / Yoshino Nanjō
Koko is the student of Kazami affiliated junior high class 3-3, a childhood friend of Yoshiyuki and Nanaka. In the first season of the anime, she confesses her feelings for Yoshiyuki, which he accepts and they start dating, but later on in the first season, she breaks up with Yoshiyuki after coming to light that Yoshiyuki has been spending too much time on others, particularly Minatsu. Koko felt left out as a result and develop feelings of insecurities due to Yoshiyuki's insensitivity to the her feelings of loneliness. Koko is shown to be weak and cries frequently when she was young. Only after much persuasion from Yoshiyuki, does she smiles. Koko also has a forgiving personality as shown when she has a quarrel with Yoshiyuki when they were young but forgives Yoshiyuki after he apologized. In the second season, she develops to become a more confident individual but still holds signs of weakness in her falling sick due to unknown reasons just before the puppet show where she is stated to play the female character.
Minatsu Amakase (天枷美夏, Amakase Minatsu?)
Voiced by: Arisu Kagami / Sayaka Aoki
Minatsu is the student of Kazami affiliated junior high class 2-1, a robot who runs on bananas, but claims to hate them. She is upset over the fact that she is a robot but does not have a rocket punch. Like the android Miharu from 'Da Capo', one of her power sources is a spring motor that needs to be wound periodically (also with a key inserted into a hole on her back), though doing so causes Minatsu to experience a sensation similar to Sexual arousal. In the first season of the anime, Minatsu is friends with Yume. She also claims to hate humans in the beginning stages of the anime but starts to fully understand that not all humans are like that. After the school finds out that she is a robot, people became wary of her. Although she acts as if nothing has happened, in reality she is really depressed about the matter. Subsequently, the school became impressed with her courage and determination and the whole school even pleads for the school to not expel her. However, she was expelled but gets to attend a graduation ceremony arranged by the Students' Council. She was touched by the actions of Yoshiyuki and the others and graduates in a high note. In the second season of the anime, it is not known where she went. However, in the visual novel's Minatsu route, she decides to go back to sleep until she wakes up to a time when robots and humans have a more amicable relationship. 2 years and a few months later she regains consciousness and is finally able to attend school on a trial set up by society for robot integration.
Anzu Yukimura (雪村杏, Yukimura Anzu?)
Voiced by: Soyogi Tohno / Tae Okajima
Anzu is the student of Kazami affiliated junior high class 3-3. Due to a wish granted by the magical sakura tree, she has the power to never forget anything. In the game, it is revealed that this ability puts a strain on her mind, thus she is often found sleeping in class, and, later in her route, she collapses from the strain and is forced to stay home to rest, with Yoshiyuki taking care of her. In the anime, she is best friends with Koko and occasionally hangs out with Yoshiyuki. In the second season, it is revealed that Anzu was abandoned by her parents when she was young and was adopted by a kind woman who she addressed as grandmother. The latter subsequently died when Anzu enrolls in middle school. She starts to open more towards Yoshiyuki and seems to trust Yoshiyuki a great deal into revealing her family and personal background. She is shown to not want others, especially Koko, to worry by not telling the others her family background.
Suginami (杉並?)
Voiced by: Daiyō Sorano / Daisuke Kishio
Suginami is the student of Kazami affiliated junior high class 3-3 and one of Yoshiyuki's male friends. He happens to look and act almost exactly like Suginami from Da Capo.
Wataru Itabashi (板橋渉, Itabashi Wataru?)
Voiced by: Kuritarō Man / Kappei Yamaguchi, Asami Seto (T.P.Sakura)
Wataru is the student of Kazami affiliated junior high class 3-3 and one of Yoshiyuki's male friends. He is part of a music band consisting of him, Nanaka, and Koko. In the game, he has a crush on Koko.
Maika Mizukoshi (水越舞佳, Mizukoshi Maika?)
Voiced by: Azusa Yuzuki / Yu Asakawa
Maika is a teacher in Kazami in charge of physical education. She is actually a main professor in Amakase research institute and Minatsu’s custodian. The Mizukoshi hospital is also her family enterprise.

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