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# Stadium Capacity City Country Domed or Retractable roof
1 Cowboys Stadium 700480000000000000080,000 Arlington, Texas United States RR
2 Millennium Stadium 700474500000000000074,500 Cardiff Wales RR
3 University of Phoenix Stadium 700473719000000000073,719 Glendale, Arizona United States RR; retractable playing surface
4 Mercedes-Benz Superdome 700472968000000000072,968 New Orleans, Louisiana United States D
5 Reliant Stadium 700471500000000000071,500 Houston, Texas United States RR
6 Georgia Dome 700471228000000000071,228 Atlanta, Georgia United States D
7 Lucas Oil Stadium 700470000000000000070,000 Indianapolis, Indiana United States RR
8 Esprit Arena 700466500000000000066,500 Düsseldorf Germany RR
9 Montreal Olympic Stadium 700466308000000000066,308 Montreal, Quebec Canada D
10 Edward Jones Dome 700466000000000000066,000 St. Louis, Missouri United States D
11= Alamodome 700465000000000000065,000 San Antonio, Texas United States D
11= Ford Field 700465000000000000065,000 Detroit, Michigan United States D
13 Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome 700464111000000000064,111 Minneapolis, Minnesota United States D
14 Stadion Narodowy 700458145000000000058,145 Warszawa Poland RR
15 Etihad Stadium 700456347000000000056,347 Melbourne Australia RR
16 Stadionul Național 700455600000000000055,600 Bucharest Romania RR
17 Tokyo Dome 700455000000000000055,000 Tokyo Japan D
18 BC Place 700454500000000000054,500 Vancouver, British Columbia Canada RR
19 Friends Arena 700454329000000000054,329 Solna, Stockholm Sweden RR
20 Safeco Field 700454097000000000054,097 Seattle, Washington United States RR
21 Veltins-Arena 700453951000000000053,951 Gelsenkirchen Germany RR; retractable playing surface
22 Sapporo Dome 700453845000000000053,845 Sapporo Japan D; retractable playing surface
23 Türk Telekom Arena 700452647000000000052,647 Istanbul Turkey RR
24 Commerzbank-Arena 700452300000000000052,300 Frankfurt Germany RR
25 Rogers Centre 700452230000000000052,230 Toronto, Ontario Canada RR
26 Amsterdam ArenA 700451628000000000051,628 Amsterdam Netherlands RR
27 LTU Arena 700451500000000000051,500 Düsseldorf Germany RR
28 Stade Borne de l'Espoir 700450186000000000050,186 Lille France RR
29 Carrier Dome 700449262000000000049,262 Syracuse, New York United States D
30 Chase Field 700449033000000000049,033 Phoenix, Arizona United States RR
31 Tropicana Field 700445369000000000045,369 St. Petersburg, Florida United States D
32 Toyota Stadium 700445000000000000045,000 Toyota Japan RR
33 Miller Park 700442200000000000042,200 Milwaukee, Wisconsin United States RR
34 Minute Maid Park 700440950000000000040,950 Houston, Texas United States RR
35 Nagoya Dome 700440500000000000040,500 Nagoya Japan D
36 Ōita Stadium 700440000000000000040,000 Ōita Japan RR
37 Marlins Ballpark 700437000000000000037,000 Miami, Florida United States RR
38 Osaka Dome 700436477000000000036,477 Osaka Japan D
39 Fukuoka Dome 700435695000000000035,695 Fukuoka Japan RR
40 Seibu Dome 700435655000000000035,655 Tokorozawa Japan RR
41 Ordos Stadium 700435107000000000035,107 Ordos China RR
42 Parken Stadium 700434098000000000034,098 Copenhagen Denmark RR
43 GelreDome 700432500000000000032,500 Arnhem Netherlands RR; retractable playing surface
44 Nantong Stadium 700432244000000000032,244 Nantong China RR
45 Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza 700430748000000000030,748 Dunedin New Zealand D
46 Astana Arena 700430000000000000030,000 Astana Kazakhstan RR
47 Tacoma Dome 700423000000000000023,000 Tacoma, Washington United States D
48 Fargodome 700419000000000000019,000 Fargo, North Dakota United States D
49 Walkup Skydome 700416230000000000016,230 Flagstaff, Arizona United States D
50 Kibbie Dome 700416000000000000016,000 Moscow, Idaho United States D
51 Alerus Center 700413500000000000013,500 Grand Forks, North Dakota United States D
52 Holt Arena 700412000000000000012,000 Pocatello, Idaho United States D
53= DakotaDome 700410000000000000010,000 Vermillion, South Dakota United States D
53= UNI-Dome 700410000000000000010,000 Cedar Falls, Iowa United States D
55 ETSU/Mountain States Health Alliance Athletic Center 70038539000000000008,539 Johnson City, Tennessee United States D
56 Superior Dome 70038432000000000008,432 Marquette, Michigan United States D
57 Round Valley Ensphere 70035500000000000005,500 Eagar, Arizona United States D

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