List of Coronation Street Characters (2008) - Pam Hobsworth

Pam Hobsworth
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Kate Anthony
Duration 2008–12
First appearance 16 July 2008
Last appearance 3 May 2012
Classification Former; regular
Date of birth c.1963
Residence Outside Weatherfield
Occupation Self-employed Saleswoman
Husband Geoff Hobsworth (?-?)
Brothers Diggory Compton
Nieces Molly Dobbs

Pam Hobsworth (née Compton), is played by Kate Anthony. She made her first appearance on 16 July 2008 as the Aunt of established character Molly Compton (Vicky Binns). She appeared as a regular from July 2008 to April 2010, after five months away she returned in September for a few epsidoes in time for the 50th anniversary on a recurring basis. She then reappears in late 2011, and is present at the memorial service for the tram crash victims and then again in April and May 2012.

Pam is first seen selling ham to Blanche Hunt (Maggie Jones) in the Rovers Return Inn. When Molly arrives, they recognise each other instantly.

On 25 July 2008, Pam buys Molly's boyfriend Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) a Fabergé egg to use to propose to Molly. Pam tells Jack Duckworth (Bill Tarmey), Molly, and Tyrone that she will leave if she has outstayed her welcome, but they insist she stay. Pam leads them to believe that her husband has died but tells Molly that he had, in fact, thrown her out for having an affair.

Pam convinces Tyrone that Molly wants a lavish wedding and begins teaching him how to make more money. She gets into a row with Tyrone's mother, Jackie, (Margi Clarke) after she upsets Molly and Tyrone. She encourages Tyrone to help her sell cheap merchandise in October 2008. Two months later, Molly finds out that Tyrone has been selling for Pam and walks out, making Tyrone furious with Pam. However, it is clear that Pam wants to see her niece happily married. In December, Pam buys the kebab shop chip fat from Darryl Morton (Jonathan Dixon) and converts it to biofuel. On New Year's Eve, she tries to move the fuel from Jack's outside toilet where she was storing it. The sparks from the angle grinder, which Pam is using, cause an explosion and Pam is knocked unconscious. However, she makes a full recovery.

Pam decides to continue peddling cheap goods to buy a new pigeon coop for Jack. She asks Tyrone to drop off some sunglasses at the Flying Horse pub. Even though the exchange is only hours before his wedding, Tyrone reluctantly agrees. The buyer announces that he is an undercover police officer, and only agrees to let Tyrone go if he gives him everything free of charge. Tyrone is furious with Pam, who realises that the man is her ex-boyfriend, Whispering Geoff. Further bad news occurs when Molly and Tyrone realise that Jackie has stolen their honeymoon tickets to Paris. Pam arranges for them to spend a week in a caravan in Blackpool, although Molly is not impressed.

In June 2009, Pam goes to a singles night with Bill Webster (Peter Armitage) and the couple develop a romance. Pam discovers that Molly is having an affair with Bill's son, Kevin (Michael Le Vell), in October 2009, after spotting them kiss. She demands Molly end the relationship or else she would inform Tyrone of her infidelity. Molly lies to Pam that she has ended the affair. In March 2010, Pam is dismayed to learn that the baby Molly is expecting could be Kevin's. She confronts Molly and accuses her of lying about the baby in a sick attempt to get Kevin to leave his family, then condemns her for her treatment of Tyrone, resulting in Molly slapping Pam. However, over the following weeks, she slowly supports Molly and starts a grudge against Kevin, originally defending him. In September, Pam visits Molly after she gives birth to her son, Jack, and wonders why Kevin was there during the birth. Pam also attends Jack's christening and later comforts Molly when she tells Pam that she is still in love with Kevin but he is not interested in her anymore. In December, Pam is devastated when Molly dies after being crushed by rubble during the tram crash. Pam confronts Kevin and tells him that he is to blame and breaks the news to Molly's father, Diggory, by telephone and leaves to comfort her brother.

Tyrone is furious with Pam after he finds out that she and Bill knew about Kevin and Molly's affair on the day of Molly's funeral.

In May 2011, Pam and Bill go travelling off-screen. It was initially believed that they will not be returning as actor Peter Armitage who plays Bill was axed from the show. However it was announced in July 2011 that Kate Anthony and Peter Armitage would be reprising their role as Pam and Bill later in the year, as producer Phil Collinson had a change of heart about axing them.

Pam returns in September 2011 with Bill, announcing their plans to marry. Pam is devastated to find out that Kevin is itending to change Jack's surname to 'Webster' and was living with Sally again.

While advising Molly to end her affair, it was mentioned that Pam had been married and divorced four times, and due to Pam's infidelity in three of the marriages.

In April 2012, Pam visits Sally (Sally Dynevor) when she found out her and Kevin were back together, she tells Sally not to let Kevin use her. Pam babysits baby Jack since his childminder is off sick and Kevin begins to consider leaving baby Jack with her and Bill permanently so that he and Sally and reconcile properly. She has not been seen since.

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