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Dental Consonants

  • dental clicks etc.
  • dental lateral clicks etc.
  • dental ejective
  • dental nasal
  • voiced dental fricative (this)
  • voiced dental implosive
  • voiced dental plosive
  • voiceless bidental fricative
  • voiceless dental fricative (thing)
  • voiceless dental plosive
  • bidental percussive

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Tocharian Languages - Proto-Tocharian - Dental Consonants
... The outcomes of the PIE dentals in Tocharian, and in particular PIE *d, are complex and difficult to explain ... in some words when a front vocalic does not follow, PIE *d (but not other dentals) is lost entirely, e.g ... Most researchers agree that some of the PIE dentals are reflected differently from others — contrary to the situation with all other PIE stops ...
Russian Phonetics - Phonological Processes - Palatalization
... Before /j/, paired consonants are normally soft as in пью 'I drink' and пьеса 'theatrical play' ... However the last consonant of prefixes and parts of compound words generally remains hard in the standard language отъезд 'departure', Минюст 'Min ... Paired consonants preceding /e/ are also soft although there are exceptions from loanwords, alternations across morpheme boundaries are the norm ...

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