List of Confucianists - New Confucians

New Confucians

  • Tu Wei-Ming, advocate of "New Confucianism"
  • Xiong Shili, a founding figure in "New Confucianism"

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Purpose and Fundamental Ideas of Jing Zuo
... The neo-Confucians were also using Jing zuo as a method of "practical retreat" in order to grow and develop as individuals ... It allows Confucians to practice veneration for the basic human nature and it allows them to "nourish the seeds of moral virtue" (Berthrong 1998) ... of Jing zuo must be balanced with studying of the Confucian texts ...
Boston Confucians
... Boston Confucians are a group of "New Confucians" from Boston, of whom the best known are Tu Wei-Ming of Harvard and Robert Neville of Boston University ... Greek and Jewish roots which originally generated them.) However, this is a view that is common to New Confucians in general, whether from Boston, Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong or ... there are contemporary advocates of Confucianism who are not New Confucians, but who would agree that Confucianism is not geographically or culturally parochial, any more than Buddhism or Islam have ...
Neo-Confucianism - Schools - Cheng-Zhu School
... Zhu Xi's formulation of the Neo-Confucian world view is as follows ... In the Neo-Confucian formulation, li in itself is pure and almost-perfect, but with the addition of qi, base emotions and conflicts arise ... Human nature is originally good, the Neo-Confucians argued (following Mencius), but not pure unless action is taken to purify it ...