List of Compositions By Darius Milhaud - Choral


  • Psaume 136 for baritone, chorus and orchestra, Op.53 No.1 (1918); translation by Paul Claudel
  • Psaume 121 (a.k.a. Psaume 126 ) for male chorus a cappella, Op.72 (1921); translation by Paul Claudel; written for the Harvard Glee Club after their 1921 tour of Europe
  • Cantate pour louer le Seigneur for soloists, chorus, children's chorus, organ and orchestra, Op.103 (1928); text: Psalms 117, 121, 123, 150
  • 2 Poèmes extraits de l'anthologie nègre de Blaise Cendrars for vocal quartet or chorus and chamber orchestra, Op.113 (1932); text by Blaise Cendrars
  • 2 Élégies romaines for female vocal quartet or female chorus, Op.114 (1932); text by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • La mort du tyran for mixed chorus, flute, clarinet, tuba and percussion, Op.116 (1932); text by Lampride, translation by D. Diderot
  • Adages, 16 songs for vocal quartet, chorus and chamber orchestra (or piano), Op.120c (1932); words by André de Richaud
  • Devant sa main nue for female chorus or vocal quartet, Op.122 (1933); words by Marcel Raval
  • Pan et la Syrinx, Cantata for soprano, baritone, mixed chorus, flute, oboe, alto saxophone, bassoon and piano, Op.130 (1934); words principally by Paul Claudel
  • Les amours de Ronsard, 4 songs for mixed chorus or vocal quartet and chamber orchestra, Op.132 (1934)
  • Cantique du Rhône, 4 songs for chorus or vocal quartet, Op.155 (1936); words by Paul Claudel
  • Cantate de la paix for male chorus and children's chorus, Op.166 (1937); words by Paul Claudel
  • Main tendue à tous for mixed chorus a cappella, Op.169 (1937); words by Charles Vildrac
  • Les deux cités, Cantata for mixed chorus a cappella, Op.170 (1937); words by Paul Claudel
  • Quatre chants populaires de Provence for mixed chorus and orchestra, Op.194 (1938)
  • 3 Incantations for male chorus a cappella, Op.201 (1939); Aztec poems by Alejo Carpentier
  • Quatrains valaisans for mixed chorus a cappella, Op.206 (1939); words by Rainer Maria Rilke
  • Cantate de la guerre for mixed chorus a cappella, Op.213 (1940); words by Paul Claudel
  • Borechou – Schema Israël (Bless Ye the Lord – O Hear, Israel) for cantor, chorus and organ, Op.239 (1944); Biblical text
  • Kaddish (Prière pour les morts) for cantor, chorus and organ, Op.250 (1945); Biblical text
  • Pledge to Mills for unison mixed chorus and piano, Op.261 (1945); words by George Percy Hedley
  • 6 Sonnets composés au secret for chorus or vocal quartet, Op.266 (1946); text by Jean Cassou
  • Symphony No.3 "Te Deum" for chorus and orchestra, Op.271 (1946)
  • Service sacré pour le samedi matin for baritone, reciter, chorus and orchestra or organ, Op.279 (1947); Biblical text
  • Lekha Dodi (L'choh dodi) for cantor, chorus and organ, Op.290 (1948); text from the Jewish Sabbath evening liturgy
  • Naissance de Vénus, Cantata for mixed chorus a cappella, Op.292 (1949); words by Jules Supervielle
  • Barba Garibo, Cantata for mixed chorus and orchestra, Op.298 (1949–1950); words by Armand Lunel
  • Cantate des proverbes for female chorus, oboe, cello and harpsichord, Op.310 (1950); Biblical text
  • Les miracles de la foi, Cantata for tenor, chorus and orchestra, Op.314 (1951); Biblical text from Daniel
  • Le château de feu, Cantata for chorus and orchestra, Op.338 (1954); text by Jean Cassou; written in memory of Jews killed during the war by the Nazis
  • 3 Psaumes de David for mixed chorus a cappella, Op.339 (1954)
  • 2 Poèmes de Louise de Vilmorin for chorus or vocal quartet, Op.347 (1955); words by Louise Leveque de Vilmorin
  • Le mariage de la feuille et du cliché for soloists, chorus, orchestra and tape, Op.357 (1956); text by Max Gérard, musique concrète by Pierre Henry
  • La tragédie humaine for chorus and orchestra, Op.369 (1958); text by Agrippa d'Aubigné
  • 8 Poèmes de Jorge Guillén for mixed chorus a cappella, Op.371 (1958); words by Jorge Guillén
  • Cantate de la croix de Charité for soloists, chorus, children's chorus and orchestra, Op.381 (1959–1960); text by Loys Masson
  • Cantate sur des textes de Chaucer for chorus and orchestra, Op.386 (1960); text by Geoffrey Chaucer
  • Cantate de l'initiation for mixed chorus and orchestra (or organ), Op.388 (1960); Hebrew and French liturgical text
  • Traversée for mixed chorus, Op.393 (1961); words by Paul Verlaine
  • Invocation à l'ange Raphaël, Cantata for double female chorus and orchestra, Op.395 (1962); words by Paul Claudel
  • Caroles, Cantata for chorus and 4 instrumental groups, Op.402 (1963); text by Charles d'Orléans
  • Pacem in terris, Choral Symphony for alto, baritone, chorus and orchestra, Op.404 (1963); text by Pope John XXIII
  • Cantate de Job (Cantata from Job) for baritone, chorus and organ, Op.413 (1965); Biblical text
  • Promesse de Dieu for mixed chorus a cappella, Op.438 (1971–1972); Biblical text
  • Les momies d'Égypte, Choral Comedy for mixed chorus a cappella, Op.439 (1972); text by Jean-François Regnard
  • Ani maamin, un chant perdu et retrouvé for soprano, 4 reciter, chorus and orchestra, Op.441 (1972); text by Elie Wiesel

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