List of Compositions By Charles Ives - Orchestra - Overtures


  • Alcott Overture (1904, inc., but re-used for the third movement of Piano Sonata No.2)
  • Emerson Overture for Piano and Orchestra or Emerson Concerto (1911–12, incomplete, but re-used for the first movement of Piano Sonata No.2)
  • Matthew Arnold Overture (1912, inc.)
  • Overture and March: 1776 (1904, rev. 1910; re-used in "Putnam's Camp" from Three Places in New England and Holidays Symphony)
  • Overture in G Minor (1899, inc.)
  • Overture: Nationals (1915, inc. sketches; adapted from Overture and March: 1776; )
  • Robert Browning Overture (1914, rev. 1942)

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... Many 19th-century operettas and light operas substituted for the specially composed overture in strict "overture form", as detailed above, a potpourri of airs based on the tunes of the songs that were to follow ... instance, seldom actually wrote out his own overtures—since they followed the potpourri format expected from an English "comic opera" of the time ... Twentieth-century and contemporary overtures accompanying Broadway and other musical theatre almost always follow this pattern, consisting of segments from the more popular ...
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... The Concert Overture "William Cobbett" was created by making a transcription for orchestra of the Rondo for oboe and piano in 1962, the bicentenary year of Cobbett's birth (9 March 1762 ... The overture received a rehearsal performance by the BBC Northern Ireland Light Orchestra in Belfast in 1969, under the auspices of the BBC's light music rehearsal scheme ... At the head of the score of this concert overture appears a quotation from Shakespeare, generally known as John of Gaunt's speech ...
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... Overture in C major, Op. 1795) Overture d'un concert ou d'une académie de la musique in D major (c. 1803–23) Overture en l'honneur de l'Impératrice Marie Thérèse (c ...

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